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According to Book Trump Wants to Ban, President Asked "Why Can't Medicare Simply Cover Everybody?"


According to Book Trump Wants to Ban, President Asked "Why Can't Medicare Simply Cover Everybody?"

Jon Queally, staff writer

While Michael Wolff's explosive new book remains controversy of the week, Trump has made public promises to deliver a healthcare system that would "take care of everybody"


Huh??? As if he cares.


It can, but it won’t!


With the elevation of a mafia don profile into WH, the trajectory of hegemonic abuses of power, glitz, hyperbole, legislative bills that babble more than any healthy brook AND the confluence of these influences into a vortex of exponentially compounded consequences.

Donald Trump has proven, in spades, that he is wholly unfit for anything other than kicking the rotten foundations and whining.

Then again perhaps its just the horns blowing with nature’s call for a societal diversification and freshening by The People.


When a narcissist proposes something you want, the practical action often is to praise and flatter and support. Motivating a narcissist to push for something that you want can be useful, some of them can be quite persuasive. And he has about 25-30% of the population that he can easily persuade. At the very least it might motivate the powers that put and keep him in place to get rid of him, but if he can convince his core before that, that a universal healthcare system is necessary, then we will have a large and vocal and largely pragmatic block of people on the right potentially pushing for it and willing to work with the large group on the left to get universal healthcare (finally) implemented.


Hear we go again, another writer who wonders why Trump won’t keep his promises. It’s very simple…TRUMP IS A CON ARTIST. Always has been, always will be.
Con artist’s tell you exactly what you want to hear. Please people stop expecting this leopard to change his spots. Nothing he say’s can be believed.


Very rarely, Trump’s ignorance, makes sense…


Opposition to Tramp, based on holding him accountable for what’s he’s said, is complete folly. Again, it’s way past time to turn off the Bobblehead in the White House show and take the fight to the system that enables him.


If indeed Trump said this, there is ZERO significance to it. Zip, zilch, nada. I presumed his thinking on this topic, was what he said during the campaign, in his policy statements on his campaign website (where he wanted a “market based” healthcare system"), and his statements and actions post election.

I couldn’t care less what this twit remarked in some unknown context on this issue.


Trump is a moron.

On the other hand, by taking every possible side of every possible issue, he won votes.

Whereas, a certain candidate made it clear that single payer healthcare would “never, ever come to pass.”

I wonder how many votes she lost saying that.


He seems to think he knows the answers to everything, so I’m surprised he would even be asking a question, but hat has to be the most intelligent question he has asked in the past year, if not the only one!


Well, why can’t it?


Loyalty and omertà.


Dadster3- That’s a great question we would all do well to keep asking, rather than parroting some established lie that says “American Exceptionalism” really means “Health Care- Except in the USA.” “Living Wage- Except in the USA.” “Safe, GUN FREE Streets- Except in the USA.” “Rich Criminals Go To Prison- Except in the USA.” “Global Climate Catastrophe Quickly Approaching- Except in the USA.”

Fact is, when those “CAN’T DO” people are all lined up awaiting their moment at the guillotine, their minds suddenly open to the fact that maybe this country CAN take care of it’s people in the same way that the REAL countries already do. Maybe the sight and smell of a guillotine scares that Special Interest Wax out of their ears?


And people wonder why voters, many of those voted for Obama twice, would have rather voted for the relatively political unknown over the proven corrupt warmonger.


Con artist or, as Alan Grayson says, crap artist. But that won’t stop me from quoting him. H.R. 676 Expanded and Improved Medicare for All




I’m still amused when diehard Dems tell me that I don’t understand how Washington works. My response:

Dude, your party holds the fewest elected offices nationwide since 1926. Your queen lost to Donald Effin Trump. Are you sure you understand how Washington works?


If the Democrats were interested in implementing single payer this would be a great opportunity to work with Trump. Tell him he can go up on Mount Rushmore – just get us expanded Medicare before the GOP kills off even more of US great unwashed masses.


This single payer healthcare will be the one thing that will erase all the current negatives about his presidency.
It will crown his term well beyond the levels of most of the post war presidencies. That’s all he has to do!