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'Accurate Nashville Statement' Embraces LGBTQ With Love to Counter Bigoted Hate


'Accurate Nashville Statement' Embraces LGBTQ With Love to Counter Bigoted Hate

Julia Conley, staff writer

Disturbed by the use of their city's name in an anti-LGBTQ document signed by more than 180 conservative Christian leaders, hundreds of Nashville residents have signed a counter-argument to clarify the true values of the Tennessee city.


I published my own correction last night, focused on their translation of biblical Hebrew:

I’m gratified that my Hebrew mentor has “Liked” the post on Facebook.


This is a great thing. When the sun sets, tolerant Americans overwhelmingly outnumber the hateful racists but they persist. Couple of things. Four Neo-Nazis have been arrested for Charlottesville, one of which was the Imperial Wizard from the KKK charged with a felony discharge of a revolver at the protest. Three others have been arrested for assault and two for beating the black man in the parking lot. One of them is still on the run but this is a positive step toward accountability from police, UVA administration, FBI and campus police who allowed an unpermitted march by racist Nazis across UVA campus with lighted torches in the dark singing about white supremacy. Again, nobody in their right mind would permit it, apparently they did not; they just turned their back on an event planned for months to congeal all these racists on UVA campus. So, love trumps hate and it’s true and when forced, justice will sometimes do the right thing unless jurors refuse to convict murdering cops and intentionally hang juries which seems to be the new craze. Work toward the light, our child bombing corporate war machine is quite another matter. peace.


As a person who has spent time living with a monastic Christian order I cannot understand how these church men and women can sully the teachings of Christ by calling themselves Christian. They seem to rather follow a kind of Biblical sect based on the Old Testament with little thought given to the Prince of Peace. Maybe the Monks had it right, to be really living the life of a true Christian you must shun the secular world or suffer the pain of hypocrisy.


We have no evidence that Jesus did that. I think true followers engage the secular world in its need. For instance, I just heard of a Houston Pizza Hut owner who got to her store, found it functioning, and set to work making 400 pizzas that she and family and workers delivered by kayak, accepting payment but not requiring it. Pizza Hut Communion!