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Accused of Gatekeeping India's Internet, Facebook CEO Lashes Out


Accused of Gatekeeping India's Internet, Facebook CEO Lashes Out

Sarah Lazare, staff writer

People across India are crying foul at Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg's scheme to bring internet "Free Basics" to the South Asian country, and the multi-billionaire is not happy about it.

In an op-ed published Monday in the Times of India, Zuckerberg lashed out at those raising the alarm over an initiative they say violates the principles of net neutrality and allows the social networking giant to capture India's internet.


If Americans disapprove of Zuckerberg's philanthrocapitalism and neoliberal market imperialism they should


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"Surprisingly, over the last year there's been a big debate about this in India,": Looks like we got another case of "affluenza". Thanks to Dr. Shiva for bringing this to our collective attention. If you still have an account with Facebook give it up.


Mark Zuckerberg: Another member of the Transnational Capitalist Class who doesn't get it.

Capitalism is tyranny.


oh, but he does get it.


And wants more of it. All of it, in fact.

But pathological hungers can never be satisfied, so trying to appease those who have them can never end well for the appeasers..


agreed, and that will be their undoing. . . . at some point. certainly not soon enough.


I am an Asian Indian and disapprove of social media. Most of India's people are poor and illiterate or barely literate. Zuckerberg can easily take advantage of them because they do not understand how the outside world works.


Corporations have no business owning the internet. Period. End of discussion. Corporations can own the conveyance but not the content. The content, and access to it, belongs to the people of the world. Moneyed powers should be demonized and not accommodated. Zuckerberg is a vampire sucking the blood out of humanity.


There are obviously still enough people buying the ancient trope of the Good Samaritan. Glad that there is a lot of resistance in India. I find it hard to fathom how they even dared to use the word "Free" in their "Free Basics" and create the illusion of a free acess to the internet. But the global problem might also be that many people growing up also initially believe that facebook is the Internet, feeding the bubble of a "social" network.


Americans? This article is about India and Indians.


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But yet...my comment is directed at Americans. Go figure.


Farcebook is ruining young people's lives across the world, replacing the capacity to engage in substantive face-to-face human communication with 24-7 drivel (or worse).


He has the gall to compare his program with free healthcare, free education, free communication. Where is that happening? Surely not in America.


Is it possible for people functioning in the modern world to NOT use the internet products of rapacious capitalism to survive? I wish we could NOT use products from these psychopaths. Consequently, we have to fight them politically to limit their autocratic powers.


Zuckerburg's scheme uses the usual capitalist rhetoric of social responsibility to justify his scheme. But as always, the discussion never gets to the fine print where corporate hegemony and the drive for market domination and $$$$$ are fully exposed. Zuckerburg will not discuss how his socially responsible corporation can bring actual full access to the internet. This option cannot be afforded the light of day, for market control and the hegemony of this system cannot allow such human factors to enter the ever more deadly calculus of poorly regulated capitalism.


Is it possible to survive without Facebook? Are you kidding? Sure it is. Zuckerberg's not the only player in the game. He and his cohorts want you to think so...they want you to believe bullshit like Facebook is necessary.
It's not.
There's plenty of other digital entrepenuers ready to step in with a more socially conscious business model.
You can't fight Zuckerberg "politically" while continuing to help him line his pockets and increase his power. If you want him to change his behavior, start closing accounts. En Masse.