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Accused of Plagiarism, Biden Campaign Admits Lifting 'Carbon Capture' Section of Climate Plan From Fossil Fuel-Backed Group

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2019/06/05/accused-plagiarism-biden-campaign-admits-lifting-carbon-capture-section-climate-plan

Biden must be taken out of the game by progressives and soon. Let’s reveal him for the poseur that he is and relentlessly hound him out of the race.


Yes Biden is a bad joke. At best he is a moderate Republican if judged on his past statements and on what he has supported in his miserable political life. But then there are many Democrats like Biden. I would certainly lump Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer into this group of conservative Democrats who have long since been bought off by the corporate interests.

It probably won’t make any difference if Biden stays in or not. Pelosi is doing everything she can to insure a Trump victory in 2020. For example, suggesting censure instead of impeachment. What a joke.


Even C Dreams says “ Frontrunner Biden!” Where are they getting this info from and how do they know it’s accurate? Or, is it a new household term? This puppet has been labeled the Frontrunner even before he announced his candidacy. The more you say it, the more people will believe it. Better idea to choose words more carefully to get Rid of him…


Not the only time in this campaign that he has plagiarized.


Now that Biden HAS to provide some policy proposals and also explain them in his usual folksy and gaffe prone style his standing in the polls will start to fall. He didn’t show up for the Calif Dems thing last week precisely I believe because of this. His policy proposals will be very weak when compared to the other leading candidates, especially Warren & Sanders. What I’m waiting for is the first debates where he is going to at the very least stumble and at the worst create some awful gaffe or be booed by the audience. If that happens he’ll drop like a rock in the polls. His support at this stage I believe is “weak”.


Well, if he’s leading in just about ALL the fucking polls is where “they” are getting it. You sound like one of those ignorant hillbilly Republicans that won’t believe anything even if it’s right in front of their nose. Be realistic man, he IS leading AT THIS TIME in most of the polls, believe it.

Now this will change in the coming weeks especially after the first debate.


Take your moronic attacks back home to Kentucky while you type this from your Trailer. No need for this kind of behavior here. Your choice to believe Polls, I choose not to.


Hey, you’re the “hillbilly”, not me. You seem to believe (or not believe) ANY poll JUST like an ignorant Trump follower. Bury your head, I could give a fuck.

Joe Biden is the very very typical establishment Democrat from the last 30 years. The Clinton-Obama groupd that has controlled the DNC is NOT the party that once faught for labor and the middle class.

There is reason so many large pharma corporations have their headquarters in Biden’s home state of Delaware…Joe Biden orchestrated several changes to the state and federal tax code allowing those corporations to evade paying income taxes.

Joe Biden has been a Republican for longer than when he advanced Clarence Thomas to the Surpreme court and railroaded Anita Hill.

Biden will be as bad as Clinton was for minorities, women, and the middle class…they are both DINO’s.

Joe Biden should run for the White House as a Republican. The DNC should not allow Biden to participate in our debates…he doesn’t even pass the smell test as a Dem.


I saw a comment yesterday that sums Biden up. Who cares who he stole his climate plan from, the problem is that he has no intention of doing anything if elected. He is just Hillary in a jock. Whatever you want to hear he will say, his record says otherwise.


You can tell Biden is already bought off. Carbon capture is the “Great White Hope” of the fossil fuel industry. It doesn’t work, it has never worked and they know it. Biden is just providing them cover, again. What a miserable clown.

As I have said before, I will not vote for a sell out corporate democrat. End of story. If I have to endure Trump for 4 more years, then so be it. As Ben Cohen says, its time to flush the crap down the drain and it starts with the democratic party.


far beyond ‘status quo’ … more likely a squatus toad


the ‘Wheat Hyped Grope’ - strangely fitting, don’t you think? Especially for mr. B

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The dude has always come across as a shoe salesman at some mall outside a small town in Ohio. (circa. 1962)
. . . or the guy on the lot selling Oldsmobiles

Jumpin’ Joe Biden - almost as oily as Billie Bob Clinton


Accused of “plagiarism” … more than once –
but to be so careless as to pick up a plan from a fossil-fuel-backed group suggests
a real arrogance about the intelligence of the public – or the will of the press to expose him.
Which is it?

Take the Establishment seriously – this is their guy –
Biden has done the nation a great deal of harm in his long history – with backing corporate-
fascism – with putting Clarence Thomas on the SC –
Biden is also another pervert which also seems to be another issue very important to the
Establishment in degrading the values of the nation.
See: C-span videos on YouTube where Biden persists in groping very young girls’ chests at
Dem “Swearing In Ceremonies”


Sure hope nobody allows you to kiss them with that mouth.

You’re grandchildren don’t have 30 years to wait joe.


‘Ole Uncle Joe still has to show up at the debates. It’s going to be tougher to glad-hand and blabber his way through things when he’s got other people up there with him. In fact, I wouldn’t be surprised if the debates change a lot of dynamics in this race.


Regarding the validity of the polls, I would just ask people to remember the polls right up until the Drumpf was elected. My suspicion is that pollsters are asking a ‘select’ group of people about their opinions - and that they do that in an attempt to mold public thinking. It didn’t work then, and it won’t work now.