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Accused of 'Terrorism,' Animal Rights Activists Head to Federal Court


Accused of 'Terrorism,' Animal Rights Activists Head to Federal Court

Deirdre Fulton, staff writer

Two activists are scheduled to appear in a federal district court in Chicago on Thursday, marking the first time that the Animal Enterprise Terrorism Act (AETA)—which criminalizes protected speech and protest activities that cause an 'animal enterprise' to lose profits—will be legally challenged as a violation of the U.S. Constitution.


Our relationship with animals, regarding them as resources to exploit, is at the heart of the dysfunction underlying ecological crises threatening Life on Earth. Wherever you look, at global warming and ocean acidification, spreading ocean dead zones, meteoric rates of extinction, or catastrophic deforestation, you see animal agriculture as the primary engine of destruction.

The tragic irony is that, as with the drive to dominate other peoples, the drive to dominate and consume animals leads to zero improvement in anyone’s life - our depredations are completely unnecessary, from any enlightened point of view. It would be easy to stop it, but stopping would threaten the whole dominance paradigm - the fascist fantasy that some people are better equipped to make decisions on our behalf.

That’s why animal rights activists and information about animal agriculture are suppressed by any means necessary, even to the absurd extent of “food disparagement” laws, and charging people working to relieve suffering with terrorism. Apparently, all major “environmental” organizations refuse to go near this subject. See Kip Anderson’s documentary Cowspiracy, and Will Potter’s amazing book Green is the New Red.


Acccused of terrorism. Wow!

When are the operators of the drone bombers going to be accused of terrorism? Or those who funded ISIS?

What a flexible word! Aparently it means whatever they say it means just at the time that they say it.


And when the corporate interests affected expect so, I’m thinking.


Beautifully stated. The domination of “other than humans” is a primary analog for the “dehumanization” of “others” generally. The facts that animal agriculture has led to massive environmental degradation, is a key factor in climate change, and the consumption of animal “products” is detrimental to human health, all point to its destructiveness. Now wait for the carnivores to rail against the fascists who would take away their freedom to choose meat and the nanny state who would presume to violate their rights, regardless of the suffering these “rights” bring to bear upon animals.


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Agreed. This an egregious attack on FREE SPEECH!!! How could such an obscene attack on our freedom to think for ourselves and speak about it happen? The GOP is turning this country into Red China in so many more ways than one:(