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Accused of War Crimes, Oil Giant Shielded by US Supreme Court


Accused of War Crimes, Oil Giant Shielded by US Supreme Court

Sarah Lazare, staff writer

Striking a blow to a decades-long fight for justice, the U.S. Supreme Court on Monday shielded the oil giant Occidental and the security contractor AirScan from war crimes charges stemming from their role in the 1998 cluster bombing of a Colombian village that killed 19 civilians.


Occidental Petroleum was Nixon's favorite donor. That megalopoly has been given myriad "passes," tax breaks, and fee waivers by federal and state governments (California and Texas especially). Wonder how much Occi. stock Alito, Roberts, and Scalia hold in blind trusts (speaking of SCOTUS). Oh well, BAU for any number of major oil/gas/energy companies. Just add war crimes to the list of "passes."


Imagine forty or fifty more years of a fascist SCOTUS.


Well there's a freakin surprise - imagine the SCOTUS protecting a corporate war criminal - who would have imagined.......


Blood lust for $ is what the elite do best and their courts just agree.


Is Al Gore still executor (but not beneficiary, he used to emphasize) of his family's Occidental holdings? If so, would it be appropriate for him to offer condolences to the survivors of those 19 unfortunates?


Well, here is an interesting situation . Company started by Armand Hammer, ( met him once) american citizen that was also a "Hero of the Soviet Union"...major republican doner but represented by Al Gore Senior as Occidental lawyer. Tied in at the highest levels in the U.S. and the Soviet Union...weird.


There is a petition on the WhiteHouse We The People site calling for Scalia's impeachment. So far there are 8 signatures. Will you add yours please.


There was one that expired due to lack of interest, is there another?

Move On has a fresh one: http://petitions.moveon.org/sign/impeach-justice-antonin


the despicable Scalia and his puppet Clarence.


I sure as Hell will!


I will never forget that smirk on Justice Roberts face as he turned to look at Justice Clarence Thomas after signing Citizens United into Law- I just wanted to smash both of them....


I remember that Armand Hammer was the ONLY Man allowed to fly his Aircraft into Soviet Airspace without any special permission- Now that is some kind of privileged Power......
If my memory serves me well he was known to be A good man, but who really knows what lurks in the hearts of men?- The Shadow knows!!!!


https://petitions.whitehouse.gov/petition/work-congress-impeach-justice-scalia-saying-maybe-black-students-belong-less-advanced-schools Is the petition I referred to in my post. You say there is a 2nd one? Will look into that one.


Ok, I looked at the petition on MoveOn... The one I referred to, as I said, is on the White House We The People site. I think it was initiated by Barbara Boxer, at least that's who posted the info I ran across. As you may know, the White House will respond to petitions which reach 100,000 signatures...those that don't are blowin in the wind ...


Please also sign the one I referred to at the White House We The People site. I posted the address here in a response a little while ago, The more we flood the White House making our positions known...all the better to my way of thinking. Thank you for all you do.


Yes. I posted it a while ago.


I'm on it!


I do remember that Scalia had to Recuse himself from the final, long awaited Exxon Valdez Judgement because he was all jungled up and financially in bed with one of the "Seven Sisters"- Imagine that!


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