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Accuser 'Silenced' and Witnesses Ignored as FBI Submits Report Denounced as 'Sham' and 'Charade'

Accuser 'Silenced' and Witnesses Ignored as FBI Submits Report Denounced as 'Sham' and 'Charade'

Jon Queally, staff writer

With the report summarizing the FBI's less-than-a-week-long probe into sexual assault allegations against Brett Kavanaugh now in the hands of the Senate Judiciary Committee, his accusers as well as witnesses to the events—not to mention outraged lawmakers and public citizens—are speaking out forcefully Thursday morning to decry the entire process as a "sham" and a "charade" in which those with the most to offer investigators were clearly ignored and the constraints set by the White House more obvious than ever.


New movie coming out this fall about the Bart O’Kavanaugh rise to the Supreme Court:

It’s titled, Silenced By The Shams!

The Republican Judiciary Comittee is in the Supporting Actor’s role.


Death from 1000 cuts and so it goes. The republic is no more.


The Washington Post…democracy dies in darkness. It’s not that I am a fan of the post. It’s that darkness has a grip on our government. Where are the Jedi? Who are the Jedi?

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Graham is terrible, but I read something about Manchin being yes. That guy might as well be Republican if that’s the case. Everything he’s campaigning on is out the door if Kavanaugh is seated. What an ass-hat.


The nomination was never about justice. The hearings were never about truth or principled oversight. The FBI “investigation” was never about truth.

The contempt for truth and judicial temperament, honesty, and qualifications for a seat on the SCOTUS has been the MO of the Republicon Judiciary Committee members. It seems now the moral compass and courage of a handful of Senators will decide the fate of American jurisprudence and the reputation of the court.

The nominee is about protecting the criminal POTUS from accountability, protecting the privileged class he represents, being a tool of the oligarchy and exploitation of the American people as wage and debt/interest slaves, and our common natural resources to enrich the well-connected, evading environmental responsibility and protections of air, water, soil and The Wild, empowering corporate/banker/wall street parasites, and the continuing theft and cover-up of trillions from our civilian nation to feed the MICC war machine.

IF there ever is a progressive principled majority with any spine again in Congress this charade and fraud by officials will be re-visited and IF there is any gumption or reason/honor/morality and dedication to truth left in American politicians, there WILL be a reckoning! Just don’t hold your breath…


Taking a step back and looking at this - I am reminded of the intense opportunism characterized by staff in the Trump offal office characterizing it as little more than the PR office supreme. On the polarized party front, it has for a long time been noted that the Democratic party adopted the same premises as the GOP since Reagan under the argument that it was necessary for survival. Today we, with the ‘lesser of two evils’ premise and Citizens United and no term limits, have the piranha pool in the swamp in “ole foggy bottom” (the latter ripe for new nicknames): just plain evil sandbagged at the edges to hide its machinations.
Pretty much dependent on the duopoly’s self-referential power and money scrambling, stealing the future and throwing it into revolving doors, delivering the likes of Mnuchin and walled street head bangers. This is a strangulation mirror world that manufactures mirrors- and for some of us out task might very well be to let these fallen whatever-they-ares eat each other and stay out of the feeding frenzy.

The polarization into ancient tropes of “enemies” is precisely centered in a world view that assumes the now defunct premises of ‘constant expansion/ constant economic growth/ genocide as methodology to steal resources and land because some of our ancestors, in their narcissism, thought they were the only ones who, behind their utter dependence on killing machines, knew the meaning of life. Which brings us to today and the increasingly obvious consequences of those disastrous knuckleheaded assumptions. Of absolute necessity is the regaining of the “I and Thou” - full respect for self and other, today shaved within an inch of existence, so well expressed in "you can’t spell assumptions without making an ass of you and me’.

The predators depend on their being no PUBLIC appreciation of the strength in diversity; in the POSITIVE consequences of hearts and minds working together to creatively solve problems and BUILD OUR FUTURES for generations which will be choosing on their their own to limit childbearing and find joy in BEING FULLY ENGAGED IN THE WORK in the present.

There is so much talk of war… WE must be warriors in best sense of the honorable steadfast respect, not for authority of corrupt power brokers who are supposed to exercise SERVANT LEADERSHIP OF A DEMOCRACY, but for premises of coherent solidarity for the well being of the planet, our psyches and LIVING the coherence so that it can be passed to future generations. I can’t think of anything more beautiful than the tasks entailed in a living study and exercise of servant leadership.


Let’s be clear, the nominee wouldn’t be going anywhere fast if Democrats controlled the Senate schedule. A full investigation, with multiple witnesses interviewed, would be happening. I don’t think it’s about progressivism either. There are conservative scholars and legal minds who recognize something’s deeply wrong with the Kavanaugh process. Hell, Ben Wittes backed off his support and says he wouldn’t vote to confirm now.


This is exactly what one should have expected. It’s what I expected. A charade. A farce. Someone said that “America” is lost. Can’t agree with that, but rather the United States of America is lost. America the hemisphere is not lost. It still lives on as North, Central and South America. My Latino friends often comment on how they resent the US trying to take exclusive ownership of the word “America” when they too live in America throughout the Americas.

I expect Kavanaugh to be confirmed with the enabling and complicity of “Democrats.” They enabled Gorsuch to get on the court.


Lindsey Graham, SC Republican Senator, is up for re-election in 2020. It’s time for a more reasonable Republican or a Democrat to replace him. Mitch McConnell, Kentucky Republican Senator, is also up for re-election in 2020. It’s time to replace him, too.

Regardless of their “deep pockets”, and if Kavanaugh is confirmed, Progressives need to make sure that neither Senator is re-elected in 2020, along with DJT. If you have any money, give it to their opponents. They need to learn that “toxic white male privilege” will not protect them anymore.


“Due process”–in about a minute.

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We are the Jedi! Do not lose heart. If anything, we have learned that the left has many cards up our sleeves, though a monumental battle lies ahead…

I hope they conclude that there is MUCH more evidence to investigate.

Or What Dictatorship Looks Like. To the barricades!


The FBI is not to be trusted even with the so-called “Trump restraints”…

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Kavanaugh has been a political ratfcker for most of his career (check out Charles Pierce’s column at esquire politics).
His wife was a secretary to Bush the Lesser, who was illegally appointed to the presidency by the SC.
That illegal presidency, allowed to proceed thru the SC, set the damn stage for everything that has come down on us just folks since.
Kavanaugh’s endless lies and constant perjury are beyond the pale. At the ripe old age of 54 he’s a proven liar, liar, pants on fire. McConnell and the rest of the phucking R’s, the ceckless funts like Manchin, Heitkamp, Collins, Murkowski and the ever flakey Flake are allowing a hellacious ratfcker to accend to the SC no matter what.

I’m going to say it again; Kavanaugh is and always will be a political, ratfcking, partisan hack and a mean old mo’fo to boot.


Republicans lawmakers, republican judges down the courts, Fox News, corporate biliionaires are all in this together to rule the world. They are the few, even their voters which I have never cast as deplorables are the lower percentages of the people of the United States are caught in this web of deceit at their expense, My Christian brother is one of them and he is a good decent man, brother, father, husband and human being. Christianity has skewered his brain in the last 8 years is the only change I’ve seen. Where are the Christians standing up for humanity and all God’s creatures?

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Short of “letting the guns speak”, what exactly did you expect the Democrats to do?

There. You just said it again.

You covered your ass, Flake. That’s all you care about.

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