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Accusing Adam Schiff of 'Criminalizing Routine Reporting,' Groups Call for Stripping CIA-Backed Provision From Intelligence Legislation

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2019/07/11/accusing-adam-schiff-criminalizing-routine-reporting-groups-call-stripping-cia


Representative Schiff seems like a regular “resistance” guy, and talks a good game otherwise. Maybe he’s upping his insurance in case the CIA thinks about taking him out. Not for lunch.

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“There’s ongoing efforts to prevent CIA evidence from entering courts,” said Hawkins. “I do think it would be used as justification for why CIA officers can’t be prosecuted. I think that would have a bad effect on accountability.”

“…justification for why CIA officers can’t be prosecuted…” I didn’t see that in the article but if it is in the bill then it is a major “concern”, it would establish a secret police, above the law, with no accountability and answerable to Who? Why the Prez…my gawd folks, how much more like a nazi-camp can we make America? He must be trying to get on t___p’s good side so he doesn’t get called names anymore, Lil Adam Schitt. Hell in a what?


That’s a good point. What about not being able to call the USDA or the Department of Energy, or any Cabinet or affiliate agency, to task. My comment was kind of a half-joke to reflect Rep. Schiff getting a bit scared of the whole CIA mystique, but if let go, this legislation could easily keep other agencies out of court.


What in good god does the CIA need more protection from?
When have they ever been held to account, ever? (crickets)


Hopefully, a few more folks now see what’s been behind Adam Schiff’s incessant tubthumping and screeching about the Russians.


CIA needs to be reformed or disbanded, not given LESS TRANSPARENCY and more cover. It needs valid, reliable, and verifiable oversight. It needs to be OUT of our universities. See ourconstitution.info, Outreach, Other Comments, at the bottom, for detailed complaints of the University of Miami and the CIA hub there, perhaps still second in size only to Langley. Killers among us … Horrid – protest with me in Miami, or wherever you are, before it’s too late. Send protest pics and I’ll post. Heed Eisenhower’s warning now!


One thing for absolute certainty, the CIA should never under any circumstances support a bill or influence legislation in any way. The CIA should play a totally subservient role serving the American people or cease to exist at all.


The provision in question by this article is clearly a move toward a tighter security state. My question, CD, what is in the rest of the bill? CD, could you provide a link to the bill when you discuss a piece of legislation please?

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The CIA are infiltrating everything from banks and businesses to the US government and courts.
Right now there are no less than 57 democrats who openly brag about their intelligence background on their personal pages.
That they infiltrated and subverted press and media should be well known by most people here, but how many know that they have their own bank, their own investment firm, their own hedge funds and a Hollywood department that finances, writes and otherwise collaborates on many major movie projects such as the avengers.
They do not just serve wall street’s interests around the globe, they are wall street.


If ever you seek texts of bills you can look in Congress.gov. Here is H.R. 3494 - introduced on 6/26/ 2019; no summary yet, only full text:
H.R.3494 - Damon Paul Nelson and Matthew Young Pollard Intelligence Authorization Act for Fiscal Year 2020

Religious leaders too. I know one. “Why do I work for the government? Because it is there.”

Why are foreign governments of large, strong countries subjected to unquestioned sanctions? International organization.

Schiff represents the Deep State: Raytheon, the CIA etc. That’s why he was/is the head of the spear on Russiagate. That’s also why when Trump bombs or threatens to bomb, Schiff is all behind him 100%, otherwise he heads the Resistance TM.


And talk about what I term “tippy-toe language,” the CIA has never been accountable. We, as we are, and, as well, a lot of other nations whose democratically elected leaders have been toppled by the CIA would be a lot better off without a CIA. Just think of Iran and Mossadegh and the1953 coup with the results of that leading to torture and a police state until the 1979 revolution and all the intervening years of needless conflict and lost of life (i.e. Iran-Iraq war abetted by us). Only one of so many.
We need information, only. We really don’t need to actively run “operations” on countries, or individuals.
The CIA should “live back” to their name of Central Intelligence Agency. Actually, change the name to Central Information Agency. Oh hell, just get rid of them. More trouble than they are worth. And while we are at it, get rid of the “liberal” Hollywood and other TV and movies glamorizing the monsters.


The Dems obsession with Russiagate is a total bore and will cost them the election in 2020 if they do not let this issue go.

Adam Schiff is an idiot and never, ever talks about the problems facing most Americans. It is always Russia, Russia, Russia.

If Americans are to stupid to distinguish what is bullshit and what are facts we do not deserve to have a country.

There is no difference between the garbage lies we hear from the Republicans and any other Ads regardless of where they are coming from.

Do your homework America listen directly to what the candidates have to say.

Hillary lost because she is a Warmonger, Iraq and Libya and because she failed to embrace a progressive agenda like bringing jobs back from China etc.

She did not lose because of Russian interference she lost because she was a puppet of Wall Street and a friend to the Military Industrial Complex.

Trump won because he knows how to lie about his intentions and promised the best health care anywhere in the world and to bring jobs back from overseas.

Only an idiot could not tell that Trump was and is a Lying Bigoted Bastard. Did we not learn anything from the Birther Issue??


Without a strong, independent, public or strictly non-partisan Fourth Estate any republic or so-called “democracy” is dead. Truth is the enemy of the 1% that thrives on ignorance (BS under-funded education), a corrupted press/media ( owned by the 1%), and diversions from truth and information for the people/voters (pretty-face talking heads pushing vapid sophomoric drivel and lies to keep the ignorant so) - controlling the masses so they do not focus on their true enemy. but are led, driven, lied-to, to blame other victims of the con - “migrants” Iran, the “left” or progressives, minorities and the poor.

Adam Schiff is following - or being coerced - into the odious corrupt, lying footsteps of the Clintons, Obama, Pelosi, Schumer, Cuomo, et al - the corrupt sold-out DINO corporate/banker/big-money war-whore wing of the now pathetic soulless and morally bankrupt Democratic Party DINO establishment. The party once of the people (somewhat) - of FDR and Eleanor, Adlai, Jack and Bobby,(i include Martin and Malcolm for my own reasons) Bernie, and AOC - the new “Justice Democrats”, among many others of the past who at least had the courtesy to be at least halfway for the people, environmental protection, and wider society/world.

Now? The DINO party shills for the enemy and big-profits, allied with the R’Cons and the orange pustule, dedicated to business as usual, “stay the course”, the BS scam of “growth” and profits above all else.

Adam Schiff, Where do you stand?! Make a choice now; either stand for justice and civil/human rights or enable the forces of fascism and security-state!, Where WILL you stand?-

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The CIA is organized crime…hey that sounds like the name of a book - and it is:
The CIA As Organized Crime: How Illegal Operations Corrupt America and the World by Douglas Valentine


First came the Patriot Act and now we have this. Forget the bit about America being a democracy anymore. We have officially thrown in the towel.

“Our liberty cannot be guarded but by the freedom of the press, nor that be limited without danger of losing it.” --Thomas Jefferson

“Enlighten the people generally, and tyranny and oppressions of body and mind will vanish like evil spirits at the dawn of day.” - Thomas Jefferson

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You need to ask?

He’s’ not in opposition to the CIA, he’s their advocate and Congressional attack dog.

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