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Accusing Adam Schiff of 'Criminalizing Routine Reporting,' Groups Call for Stripping CIA-Backed Provision From Intelligence Legislation

Exactly, and they have their own venture capitalist company. One of their purposes is to buy up new start-up companies, that invent different types of communication apps and hardware that can subvert their spying capabilities on common citizens.

When I first read that my blood ran cold. I have been controlling myself and haven’t called his office, yet. I’m wondering if the posh back will help him pull that out of the bill but it most likely won’t with the 8 hour news cycle or is it 4 now?

Getting rid of the Gang of Goons would be wonderful but impossible to achieve. The executive branch own private goon squad.

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AdamSchiff is not being coerced into anything. He and his ilk are the problem!!!

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Like Pompeo, the RELIGIOUS man said, “we lied, cheated…”, etc

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Beyond that Ditton, our military is out of control of the public, our police forces are armed to the teeth and poised to sic police dogs, chemical gases, armored vehicles, and mass crowd control assets on us.
Watching a youtube car chase is almost “Keystone Cops” funny. They finally stop the unarmed vehicle and driver. Then up to and including dozens of officers, cars, and K9 units converge on this one person all guns drawn. This regular scene is horribly hilarious.

Any discussion about our CIA, FBI, and other agencies, MUST include discussion about their proclivity to believing that citizens are ‘expendable’. I hope that at least a few CD readers are already woke and on board, but, I must share the information when I’m given the opportunity.
The movie, "Loose Change - 2nd Edition is a must watch for everyone who wants to know the truth about America and our government’s capabilities. Loose Change - 2nd Edition (YouTube)

But Adam Schiff is the leader of the Russiagate conspiracy McResistance!

I find it suspicious that some still think Russiagate is a conspiracy. We may be able to tag a portion of it that way, but certainly not all of it.
100-PLUS meetings between trump people and the Russians.
The sanctions messy business and more.

Loose Change is a creation of Alex Jones ( a right wing corporate funded propagadist).

Among other easily debunked Russiagate lies, read “Shattered”, the book about Hillary’s pathetic campaign, where Podesta and Robbie Mook admit to blaming her loss on Russia. I’ll wager even they couldn’t realize how many of her sucker followers would buy it hook, line, and sinker!

As General Haydon says, the thin fabric of civilization is being torn. :))) The General, with his history, is one scary Dude but to look at him and listen to his soft voice is kinda like the image of a well loved Grandpa. He’s a giant spook for gawds sake and yet he is so lovable LOL it blows me away LOL