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Accusing Facebook of 'Effectively Banning Professional Journalism,' Brazil's Largest Paper Ditches Platform


Accusing Facebook of 'Effectively Banning Professional Journalism,' Brazil's Largest Paper Ditches Platform

Jake Johnson, staff writer

Accusing Facebook of discriminating against "quality" content and accelerating the spread of "fake news" with its newly-unveiled algorithm, Brazil's largest newspaper Folha de S. Paulo—which boasts a print and online subscriber base of 285,000 people—has announced that it will no longer publish its articles on the social media platform.


On a related note, I’d like to thank Common Dreams for not requiring a sky-net account (excuse me - an f-book account) to log in and comment.

If there is one thing that will keep me from engaging with others in an electronic forum, it’s being required to use f-book. I can’t even imagine using it as a source of info.


About effete time! Social media is not journalism!!!


Frrom the article:

“Other news organizations should follow Folha de S. Paulo’s footsteps,” Benício wrote. “If there’s a mass exit, the social network will lose relevance and become…a virtual space for family and friends to joke around.”

Absolutely. I hope we’re at the dawn of a new age of targetted boycotts, strikes and non-cooperation.


“…a virtual space for family and friends to joke around…”

Isn’t that what it should be anyway ?! Zuckerberg only created it so he could get laid.

I also thoroughly agree with your last sentence. The primary method to affect change in a capitalist environment is through our expenditures (time and money) - or lack thereof.


And like a frat boy with his own version of viagra - apparently engaging in activities brought to shine by the drumph’s own Scareymuch


Yes. “If the workers keep their hands in their pockets, the capitalists can’t put theirs there.”
—Joseph Ettor, IWW strike leader, Lowell MA, 1912


Well said!


News organizations have become dependent on Facebook to spread their articles which has led to more sensationalist reporting and decline in the quality of news. News organizations track the number of views of each article they publish in real time. They may even change their headlines to increase views. Facebook is not only spreading fake news which is undermining democracy but also Facebook is undermining the quality of journalism when it comes to real news. The underlying problem is that Facebook is dependent on advertising and does not make its income by selling subscriptions to people who register for their service. The hacker mentality of everything on the internet should be free combined with corporate greed has created a destructive force in Facebook which aims to connect everyone in the world supposedly to make the world better. Clearly it is making the world worse and has now created a crisis for democracies all over the world as millions of people cannot tell what is true and what is false and many no longer seem to care. Glad this Brazilian publication did the right thing. I hope some US companies follow but I would not be optimistic.


Second that.
Most of my collegues (at progressive radio station) and friends on the left are addicted to Facebook. I don’t get it. It is like a drug, I guess.

I tried it years ago and found it to be a place for exhibitionists and voyeurs with a few other things mixed in like wasted time arguing with the drop in trolls.
Keeping us from mobilizing face to face . . . .


Never did FB, never will. I watch friends of mine who do exhibit withdrawal symptoms when they don’t get their daily fix. Besides, that corporation is making money with the data people give them voluntarily.


Indeed, but it sure helps the subversion of intelligent discussion or information by subliminally dumbing down and distracting the people to get the ruling elites’ agenda passed.


Me too. Thank you c.d.
I once saw a Tshirt which read - "no! I don’t do fucking Facebook"
That is now my standard reply to anyone who asks me if I do.


According to Zukerberg once you have ten friends there is enough activity in your feed to get you hooked. And I believe many people have far more friends on Facebook than that so imagine how hooked they are. I think Zuckerberg and many of these hacker types like Zuckerberg with internet companies see the “hive mind” as being the future. That is probably one future to avoid. The alternative is the individual person reading a book printed on paper. The past seems to have it all over this hive mind future to me.


There are other models, besides paid-by-advertising or paid-by-subscriber.

Social media (and the internet itself) should be a social good, available to all free of charge or at a nominal fee, off-limits to profiteers and data-miners of any stripe.

The looting class should be disempowered, and capital placed under democratic control.


““In effectively banning professional journalism from its pages in favor of personal content and opening space for ‘fake news’ to proliferate, Facebook became inhospitable terrain for those who want to offer quality content like ours,” Sérgio Dávila, Folha’s executive editor, said in a statement.”

But – is Facebook not, from its very beginnings, a place for individuals to exchange “personal content?”

I hate FB, but it seems to me that the editor is complaining that he can not use FB in a way for which it was not intended.

(emphasis added)


I disagree. The social media companies are trying to destroy copyright value. If they had their way there would be no copyright. They are undermining the value of writing. The average salary for writers has dropped tremendously. Writers need to paid for good writing. People should be willing to pay to read good writing. If people opted for the cheapest thing they are going to wind up with junk. We need to raise quality as it is losing out to sensationalist garbage. The guy who invented the web, Timothy Berners-Lee, never imagined it would be commercialized. His vision was more like Wikipedia where people cooperate to create something. I think the damage has been done. Once investors realized fortunes could be make using the web that was pretty much it. They convinced the Google people to run ads and they also convinced Zuckerberg to run ads. Once those companies had a lot of investors there was a lot of people who demanded that those companies make big profits. I think Congress needs to regulate these big companies like Google and Facebook to some extent, particularly when it comes to collecting data. Silicon Valley is filled with libertarians who are strongly opposed to regulation but I think it is clearly required, which is what they are doing in Europe.


Who sells that shirt, I want one.


I hope you are aware that the Wobs are alive and well and as radical as ever, if not quite as numerous so not as great a force. If not, poke around the internet a little while we still can.


I don’t use Facebook. I shut down my rump account years ago, as soon as Facebook demanded that everything written on the account is their property.

A few years ago Truthout.org got rid of all non-Facebook reader comments. I said goodbye, it was good to know you, and gave up on Truthout if that’s they way they wanted to be. It’s too bad. I miss Joe Romm.