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Accusing Richard Branson of Playing Into Regime Change Plot, Roger Waters Warns Against 'Live Aid-ish' Concert Near Venezuela Border


Accusing Richard Branson of Playing Into Regime Change Plot, Roger Waters Warns Against 'Live Aid-ish' Concert Near Venezuela Border

Julia Conley, staff writer

Calling on the global community to allow the people of Venezuela "to exercise their legal right to self determination," activist and Pink Floyd founding member Roger Waters slammed billionaire Richard Branson for his planned "Live Aid-ish" concert in neighboring Colombia scheduled for later this week.



So, a benefit concert, supposedly about one country’s human rights record and situation, to be held in a country with a much worse human rights record that has been key in destabilizing that country and has been behind violence in Venezuela. Bourgeois asshole.



Three cheers for Roger Waters!



Richard Branson? You mean Obama’s sailing buddy? Shocking! I can’t believe another delusional American billionaire … oh, wait, yes I can.



So, “Sir” Richard Branson reveals himself to be the predictable billionaire asshole we should have expected. Another example would be the two men who started up Google with their original “Do No Evil” motto. Of course, that didn’t last long and Google became an arm of of the U.S. intelligence agency in data collection and they helped the Chinese government to censor the internet. I guess when you manage to acquire a billion dollars your ethics get flushed down the toilet in favor of the “bottom line”



Yuppers … they don’t call the “Bottom Feeders” for nothing. Like the eyes of a flounder - can only see from a flattened perspective.



The American, British or Canadian musicians who sign on to this are showing their true colors, here. Careful what you wish for… on this one.
Their next tour could possibly be billed; The Bom(b) Voyage Tour To Bogota, featuring The Dead Bransons, The Ungrateful Dead, Panic at the Airport, The New Zombies, etc, etc, etc…
This is a very bad idea even as a P.R. stunt.
Just sayin’.

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Guaido has been groomed by the US government through the NED (not a conspiracy, Max Blumenthal has a detailed article on that), is acting illegally and is a traitor to his country. He shares a party with other fascists that have extremely violent histories, one of them (Leopoldo) is in jail for things he would be in jail for here too. Leopoldo also happens to run a company that has near monopoly power on flour production, and guess what has been in short supply in Venezuela? They all propose policies that have no popular support, and over 80% of Venezuelans oppose both foreign intervention as well as the economic war the US has waged against them. I cannot put into words how angry this situation makes me. The parasites want their oil money back.



I think I know how you feel JR.
We would all like to be proud of our nation. Alas, we cannot in all good conscience do so. Roger Waters nails it, and we need advocates like him to speak for those of us that won’t be heard.
Now if we can get Willie to speak out before we roll him up and smoke him, that would be great.



Maybe his best bud Obama will favor us with a tune.

I have a suggestion - the old Temptations’ hit, “Smiling Faces”

"They lie

And I got proof"



Branson is looking at Venezuela as an “investment opportunity” and can not do that as long as Maduro in power. Were there any other motive, he would not be staging the event in a Country with the worst Human Rights record in Latin America.

He just another 1 percent fraud.



The corrupt Empire pretends to be supplying humanitarian aid To the Venezuelan people,all the while imposing crippling sanctions on the govt’s ability to sell oil on the open market. The scheme of ONLY selling oil in dollars is a whole other story. We, the USA, impoverishes the govt. because they had the audacity to elect Hugo. He would not dance to the corporate tune. A convenient cancer and now we go after his protege. When will the world’s bully be put in its place? Gort, we need you now !



I’m waiting for Bono and U2 to be announced as one of the acts. And maybe Michelle and Barack will make an appearance too!



Unless Branson has renounced UK citizenship, and become a US citizen, he is British.



How many members of U2 does it take to change a light bulb? Just one. Paul David Hewson holds the bulb up over his head and the whole world turns around him. Go lay down, “Bone-O”.



OhBummer can sing Amazing Grease: " Amazing Grease, how deep the wells that paid out for a wretched a-hole like me. I once was rich but now I’m a mega-millionaire, and my whole posse flies for free, courtesy of Richard & Virgin Air. "



Yes. If he’s so concerned why doesnt he give them some of his billions.? Creep.



He’s a fucking pommy creep too.



Or this from the temptations. Lyrics most apt.



Yeh, but his soul is American.