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Accusing US of Crimes Against Humanity, Venezuela Calls on ICC to Investigate Sanctions

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/02/13/accusing-us-crimes-against-humanity-venezuela-calls-icc-investigate-sanctions


Someone tell Bernie about this so he can change his anti-Venezuela stance. This is only one of two things I disagree with him on. The other is RUSSIA! RUSSIA! RUSSIA! RUSSIA! RUSSIA!


What right do we have to Cripple and Interfere with the ability of Venezuela to run their Country the way they want.

If I recall, they had fair and democratic elections, we did not like the results so we try to destroy their Economy and ouster their President who, like Chavez, is trying to help the Downtrodden.

The Elite in Venezuela, like the Elite in America, get very angry when the government tries to help people that are living in abject poverty and struggling to stay alive.

Bernie it is time for you to support Venezuela and not join the choir of Politicians that refuse to accept the election results, and recognize Maduro as the legitimate President.

Bernie it is uncharacteristic of you to denounce the Maduro government and ignore what he has been trying to do for the Poor.



If a person looks at US history— America truly has been a bully and a thief of a nation. That would also include giving blankets to the indigenous people, blankets which would spread sickness and kill. I have also read that the UK has Venezuela’s gold and will not release it. Does anyone know more of this disaster?
Of course, who could forget Guantanamo? Or Bloomberg’s stop and frisk law–in the nation that supposedly is soooooo good to its citizens. Or along with Venezuela–is there any nation whose natural resources we have not stolen ? The Philippines – wants its sovereignty back----no wonder that leader tells America to take its war stuff out of its lands! It is difficult to live in a fraud of a nation, where even the corporations, and so many in Congress are against the People : (


Trump Administration: Venezuela and socialism are bad for people. We will use sanctions to starve Venezuelans, to prove how bad socialism is.


Bernie hardly mentions Russia, but he should. There are too many deniers about Russian interplay in U.S. affairs, including election interference.

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How short is your memory?! We just got into that the other day because the Russia meddling was proven to be BULLSHIT!!!
Wake up, gandolf!

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If socialism is so bad, wouldn’t it collapse on it’s own?


All the candidates should be asked if they support these sanctions-----there is no reason for these sanctions if you like Maduro or not-----let the people of Venezuela make their own choices . These sanctions are an act of war.


I agree absolutely! When he off-the-cuff claimed Maduro was a brutal dictator and that Venezuela needed to have ‘fair’ elections he lost my vote. He’s gotten most of it back. But-for me personally- he MUST address that absurd comment.


The Bank of England has refused to give Venezuela the $B in gold it has been holding.


From the article:

“…Maduro won re-election in 2018 in an election the Trump administration claimed was illegitimate.”

Said the man who knows plenty about winning an illegitimate election.


We all work for the US Cosa Nostra. Deal with it, people. We’re all a bunch of thugs.

Show me proof that the Russians had nothing to do with propping up trump and working against Clinton.
Fact checked proof.

LOOK FOR YOU FUCKING SELF!!! Type this in your search engine AND you tube!!!~russiagate debunked?

Go to you tube where the REAL journalists are instead of the corporate garbage you are apparently programmed by and are swallowing, thereby helping Dumbf, corporate damnocraps, and all the other right-wingers!

Hi djprof:
Oh and the weirdest thing today. The BBC had a piece about GOLD. It appears that the British store their gold bars in a shape like a paraleogram style, but the US stores their gold in bricks-----so whoa… does the UK have everyone’s gold? Does Boris know that? : ) Biu even more funny—does Trump know that?
I thought that the US stored the gold after the war----but that other nations were now taking it back.Why doesn’t the UN speak out about the UK holding the Venezuelan gold—because by not answering Venezuela’s request----will they refuse other nation’s requests too?: 0

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Google “Smartmatic Venezuela” to read the voting manufactures public statement denouncing the FRAUD Maduro attempted to perpetrate against the Venezuelan people in 2018. Maduro got caught red-handed. The Venezuelan people ALSO voted the current OPPOSITION SUPERMAJORITY in control of the National Assembly way back in 2015 because the vast majority of Venezuelan people want the Chavistas OUT!!! They voted this supermajority in to impeach Maduro and his criminal kleptocracy syndicate. The FAES and El Colectivo have been executing innocent young Venezuelan males for far too long. Its time for Maduro to face justice for all the murders he is responsible for.