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ACLU 'All In' on Push for Civil Liberties in 2020 Election

ACLU 'All In' on Push for Civil Liberties in 2020 Election

Eoin Higgins, staff writer

The ACLU is putting $30 million into the 2020 election cycle to promote a vision of civil liberties that will require candidates running for president to support four broad planks in order to receive the organization's support.

The civil liberties group is pushing candidates on a campaign called "Rights for All," which focuses on reproductive freedom, voting rights, criminal justice reform, and immigrant justice, it announced Sunday evening in an event livestreamed on YouTube.

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I encourage EVERYONE on here to watch this video and forward it to EVERYONE you know!


How about the Glass Steagall Act of the 21sth century? How about putting Wall Street in jail for its crimes? How about recognizing population control and talk about how overpopulation hurts our species and others? How about giving people who never added to the population a tax break? How about jobs with benefits and affordable housing?

As you said in another post: “Good luck with that”.

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As this administration welcomes a fascist who wants to celebrate the Brazilian dictatorship, which was initiated by coup d´etat on April 1, 1964, take a look at the National Security Archives of US State Department involvement in teaching torture techniques with documents not revealed until 2014.

And that Brazil conspired with the US to overthrow Allende