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ACLU and Immigrants Rights Groups Challenge Latest Trump Effort to 'Rig the Census for Partisan Gain'

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/07/25/aclu-and-immigrants-rights-groups-challenge-latest-trump-effort-rig-census-partisan

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Fascism is here. Humping the flag, and waving a (likely unread) Bible in front of a church. It has happened here. It will be confirmed in November. After all of his screwing around, Trump will win again.

The tactics of the white supremacist republican party are so blatantly obvious these days. They have no problem subverting any of the few remaining levers of democracy to disenfranchise minorities and will stop at nothing, including election fraud, cancelling the election, and violence. Many more people will vote for Trump than polls indicate due to his white supremacist positions. Don’t be fooled by his drop in the polls.

How Trump " wins " ( if he does ) is the only real question, isn’t it?
I can win any contest by disabling an opponent’s ability to compete. Are you saying crippling an opponent is now within the list of options available to opposing political forces? Please elaborate.
Just asking for a friend.

Where is the real opposition, to these tactics, to be found then? It appears the Duopoly, a silent majority of it possibly, will unconditionally surrender to the demands of about 20-23% of the American adult population. Is that what you’re saying? We’ll go to the slaughterhouse willingly?
Some observers feel this is all " kabuki theatre ", at the end of this supposed civic-minded discussion. The die has already been cast, as it were. Do you think this is the likely scenario?
Is that your expectation after the November Federal general elections? Capitulation to the forces aligned with the Trump/McConnell Group?

Illegal immigration harms the USA poor and working class most especially the black communities.Immigration only works if you have a surplus of jobs and are not creating a competition between poorest and least able to compete in the jobs market.

its been the capitalist dream to do away with borders and the nation state becasue they support the idea of having the most vulnerable and poorest competing for jobs and they can use those resentments to create divisions and lower wages and benefits.

They also create the conditions in other counties with undemocratic COUPS { SEE ;Obama coups in Brazil and Honduras and Venezuela }that drives people in desperation leave their homes and risk their lives to come to the USA.

If you think TRUMP is the problem check out how democrats including Biden support the coup in Venezuela…

Both parties work against the people and not just the USA.

Hello, and thanks for the reply. Of course, I have no more certainty of the results of the coming election than anyone else. My points were that the GOP will stop at nothing to stop the growing influence of minorities in the US and that is the basis for much of his support in the electorate, and Trump’s actual support is likely north of what the polls indicate, due to reluctance of some folks to admit they support his racist agenda. At the current rate, with his mishandling of the pandemic and the protests, he could eventually lose in a landslide. He could also attempt to cancel elections or commit enough fraud in swing states to win again. Whether he would succeed or not depends on how Americans respond and I am cautiously optimistic about the growing protest movement and hopeful that that is an indication that we will not “go to the slaughterhouse willingly”. My post was about not underestimating the extent to which the GOP will go to control the election and to therefor be vigilant, and to not become complacent about Trump’s standing in the polls, as I believe his actual support is greater than estimated.

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It’s a strange form of government rule, imo, to contemplate a Trump Adm. after November 2020 if he loses the House, Senate and the popular vote, as well.
Which is a very likely scenario if Trump’s forces have their way. Just think about that. Only in America… that really defines " minority rule " in a whole new light. A republic, a constitutional democracy, a democracy…???
So it goes…

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Grateful for the persistence and courage of Immigrant rights and ACLU.

Sometimes it seems that the second amendment is all the current administration understands of the Constitution – and they seriously misinterpret that!

To be honest, any option Trump lands on will be used. He and his crew will do anything to get a “win”, even if they have to somehow contest the election. If the Senate flips, Trump’s options may be limited. He can “contest” the results, but if he doesn’t get a “slam-bang” landslide, he may end up being escorted out of the White House, if the Secret Service detail is faithful to their duty.

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