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ACLU Blueprints Offer Vision to Cut US Incarceration Rate in Half by Prioritizing 'People Over Prisons'

ACLU Blueprints Offer Vision to Cut US Incarceration Rate in Half by Prioritizing 'People Over Prisons'

Jessica Corbett, staff writer

As inmates across the United States continue to carry out a multi-week strike to protest prison conditions and forced labor, the ACLU on Wednesday unveiled state-level blueprints to reform the American criminal justice system and curb mass incarceration.

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How do you tell common people not to commit crime when the elite in this country are committing crimes everyday and get away with it. These tax cuts just passed are nothing but theft by the rich-----the state murdering innocents— from police on the streets , to the death penalty . to the killing of babies in Yemen.

Here is what needs to happen-----TAKE THE PROFIT OUT OF PRISON ! Calif just started this by getting rid of the bail system ( and people on the left want to reinstate this system???) If inmates work they get paid at least minimum wage----and some of this $ should be put aside for when they get out--------and NO- it is immoral to be charging an inmate fee’s when you have taken a persons freedom.

We as a nation have truly lost the meaning of freedom when people scream “lock her up”. It is so easy to condemn others and not think about what the state is doing to individual lives. Reporting from Ferguson Mo. exemplified how a whole community can be held hostage by a corrupt criminal justice system. We do live in a CORPORATE MILITARY POLICE STATE. SUPPORT INDIVIDUAL FREEDOM-SUPPORT THE COMMONS.


Hi Illusion:
Great ideas all and the ACLU plan too! And, a plan for all 50 states that puts people over profits------- and frees the state $ from those grasping corporate fingers------and puts the money into the hands of people helping people. : )


I read the report for Oregon - my State. I was shocked by what I read. The whole system is broken. And rigged against the people - especially women and people of color. The money that could be saved, and the people that could be helped with the changes that the report suggests is staggering.

It’s time for the people in the State where they live to rise up and demand that these changes in this completely immoral system be changed.


And that’s why I happily donate to the ACLU!

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I donate to them also. One of the few cause I make sure to donate to. It’s awful to know our country has more people in prison than any other country and that 1/4 of our people are in prison.
I don’t think we are That bad. We need to take profit out of prisons.

Reduce the rate of incarceration by half. Great, just great. I welcome anyone getting out of jail.

That would put the US still within the top 10% of countries by incarceration rates. But we’d be below Rwanda and Cuba and Panama.

What about releasing all of those with marijuana convictions in the states which have liberalized marijuana laws? What about taking drug addicts to rehab instead of jail? What about mothers in jail
with children being given better facilities?

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Obviously the USA has a problem when they lead the world in incarceration. As with health care, incarceration should never be seen as a commodity to exploit.

I believe that was going to happen here in CA (releasing those in jail for marijuana convictions). It was planned, however, I’d need to go research if it was followed up on. It was, if I remember correctly, the state’s A.G. that made the decision. I was impressed.

Low level drug users Out, Moral and Ethically bankrupt corrupt politicians In.

Seize all assets from the latter to fund their stay.

Problem solved.

I was in Redding a few years back where they put large numbers of their convicts on work release in the city with phones tied around their necks. Not sure how it went.