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ACLU Challenges South Carolina ‘Disturbing Schools’ Law


ACLU Challenges South Carolina ‘Disturbing Schools’ Law


Charleston, S.C. - The American Civil Liberties Union today filed a federal lawsuit challenging South Carolina for making it a crime for students to “disturb” or act obnoxiously at school.

The ACLU found that hundreds of students — as young as 7 years old — are being charged under a far-reaching and nebulous statute for behaviors like loitering, cursing, or undefined “obnoxious” actions on school grounds. The statute also has a chilling effect on students who speak out against policing abuses within the schools. Black students are nearly four times as likely to be targeted under the law.



Schools!! The new prison system for kids!!! Time to start home schooling or private local schools!! Police can't do enough harm it seems for any meaningful change in this POLICE STATE NATION!!!