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ACLU Condemns ICE Plan to Expand Use of For-Profit Prisons for Immigrant Detention


ACLU Condemns ICE Plan to Expand Use of For-Profit Prisons for Immigrant Detention

Julia Conley, staff writer

"This sprawling system is notorious for abusive and inhumane conditions and widely criticized for its lack of transparency and accountability."


I have absolutely no proof, but a good friend of mine told me that ICE plans to expand and use 100’s of used WalMarts for future detention centers. Sounds to me like something from Alex Jones! Does anyone else have any information?


Privatization of public services generally is a bad idea. Prison privatization is an absolutely crazy idea, one that will have unforeseen consequences.


America, Trump, ICE, DHS, and the whole stinking mess of them are pushing everyone of us all into a corner. “All for one and one for all, united we stand divided we fall,” Alexandre Dumas.


Why do we look past what this is- bribery —


I can say that I’ve seen examples on various sites of what you are talking about but what they are doing is secretive. I don’t think we are in the loop.


DJT and several of his cabinet heads own large blocks of shares in private prisons as do any number of hedge funds…of course they are going to “protect their investments.” Let’s see, round up the undocumented and their families with sweeping regularity and send them to private detention centers where they will be held for as long as the money flows in and then claim that the centers are overflowing then claiming that more need to be built. Now that is a monumental “pyramid scheme!”


ICE=American Gestapo


I think this was planned long ago. They allowed massive immigration and never held employers criminally responsible. Part of the plan was to undercut labor unions and US labor. I think they knew that the time would come for them to arrest and deport - thereby creating a massive Gestapo like agency - ICE and making private prisons a worthwhile investment. Do we really think they will stop if they are able to deport all people who are here without legal papers? I don’t think so. They have an agenda against anyone who is not the 1%. They could care less about human needs, rights and the crisis that is happening. This is not a government worthy of any respect or support from people who have consciences.



I asked her to take a picture on her smart phone and send it to me.


Oh thanks. There are some troubling policies that could be applied to something like that. I think there is trouble ahead but just what type is anyone’s guess.


I’m concerned about the prison situation surely as it is one more thing undone. More damning to me is the meeting being held at Trumps’s property. There is such a clear “connect the dots” violation of that presidential code. The clause I can’t think of…


Yeah, like I have posted before, with NOT MY PRESIDENT IN OFFICE! I Think the future years are going to be a complete NIGHTMARE!


Yeah, we have lost touch with the value of process so the issues have become challenging. Better to be armed with the truth to decide where you want to be in the future. We still have some good foundations to hold onto.