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ACLU Demands Congressional Probe Into 'Politically-Motivated' Attack on Peaceful Protest Outside Trump White House

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/06/02/aclu-demands-congressional-probe-politically-motivated-attack-peaceful-protest


Impeachment 2.0.
No need for a protracted show trial the evidence is evident.
Chickenshit Republican Senators: Trump or The Lincoln Project?


Trump has done everything in his power with his insane ways to 1. Avoid getting elected 2. Get removed from office. On both counts his message was ignored as 1. He was elected 2. He remains in office. It’s time we paid attention to his crazy words and dangerous actions and the message he is so desperately trying to get us to heed: Kick him out of office (and into prison). It will relieve him and all of us from of misery.


All about a neocon doing a photo-op.

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Oooooh! A Congressional Probe. A fat lot of good that will do. The USA is entering its final death throes. The so-called government of the USA has shown its inability to care about the citizens let alone protect them from tyranny and treason as they are all (both parties) happy to let it burn down as long as the money keeps flowing in the meantime to them. None of them can think beyond the next handful of cash coming their way in the form of bribery from their corporate masters.


The malignant orange dictator, “trump has reached the ‘mad emperor’ stage, and it’s terrifying to behold - He incites violence from the safety of a bunker, then orders peaceful people tear-gassed for the sake of a surreal photo op - we have a president who built his entire political career as a gold-painted tower to incite violence.” - Richard Wolffe


The trump ravings and threats against American citizens and future are those of an ignorant, petulant child, driven by a criminal pathology, bloated ego and malignant narcissism, as his bizarro view of himself as the “very stable genius” attacks every sincere critic, when in fact he is a corrupt destroyer of everything his rotted vindictive mind touches!

The accompanying image of the three women clasping/helping each other while being gassed and attacked is a very powerful one that stands in stark contrast to what the naked emperor trump brings to the table.


Would members of the armed forces in Norway, or its Police forces, shoot to kill protestors if their Government ordered to them to do so?

Ask this question for every Country on this Globe. Ask this question of the soldiers and the Police in the USA.

The answer will determine just how full blown Fascist a given Country is.

In the USA I think many know the answer. This is what forever wars bring home.

There were some number of US soldiers who refused to deploy to Iraq and Afganistan. They were pilloried as traitors in the press and were drummed out of the military. Those that remain would likely “follow orders”

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When Derek Chauvin is convicted of murder his sentence should be hanged by the neck
until dead and it should be conducted inside the The National Memorial for Peace and Justice in Montgomery Alabama.

From the article:

“Faced with a three-fold crisis of racial, health and economic disasters, we have a three-year-old in the Oval Office.”

Should be easy to remove a three year old. :frowning:

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Now is the time to demonstrate just how quickly it is possible to pass new orders of impeachment, and openly dare Senate Republicans to refuse to hold hearings.


Don’t worry - Biden is forming an exploratory “Task Force” as we speak.

Q: Why don’t american protestors know how to deal with tear gas? Designate a few dozen protestors to carry traffic cones and gallon jugs of water. Learn how hong kong protestors do it - get organized.


Too bad, DNC Kleptocrats decided to throw away repeatedly requested impeachment indictments for relevant & explicit crimes; to throw it all away on an obvious distraction from Sanders’ popular and essential platform? Seems as if DNC’s Impeachment Theater™ distraction BS, also overlapped the onset of what might’ve been reaction to the COVID-19 onset in some timely manner? 2nd Amendment Trumps the 1st?

~https://www.nytimes.com/2020/06/02/opinion/police-killings-black-mental-health.html (NYT warns business, if we keep killing Blacks with cops & plague, you’ll have to move to China)


~https://justthenews.com/government/congress/while-riots-target-corporations-banks-bernie-says-ultra-rich-have-been-looting (ZzzZzzz…)


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It might be time for the mayor to deploy the D.C. police to protect law abiding protestors from the federal forces.


No offense but I think we have had enough congressional probes. How about we use what we already know that our president needs to step down or be removed from office.

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He is not going to step down is he. He will have to be removed.


“We were just following orders”
I wonder where I’ve heard that before?
I unfortunately share you fear. When push comes to shove, the US military will fire on American citizens.

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One lesson JFK taught us.

“Those who make peaceful revolution impossible will make violent revolution inevitable.”

No One is Immune.
If you suppress peaceful demonstrations, you bring out the fringe elements.


This type of brutality is going on all over the country, as protestors protest police violence, they are met with police violence. Jimmy Dore came from a cop family in Chicago, he has first hand knowledge of their culture and does a good job explaining it, and examples of it in this vid below. If you haven’t seen it, it’s worth a look. Don’t forget to read the comments, the ideological divide between them is astounding.

“Compilation of Maniac Cops Assaulting Women & Peaceful Protestors On Camera!”

Pretty Rough Reality Check.



This is exactly the situation. Thank you for stating it so clearly.

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