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ACLU Fights Back as Trump Pushes 'Stealth Proposal' to Limit Public's Right to Protest Outside White House


ACLU Fights Back as Trump Pushes 'Stealth Proposal' to Limit Public's Right to Protest Outside White House

Jessica Corbett, staff writer

As the Trump administration and the Republican-controlled Congress face mass protests in Washington, D.C.


FREEDOM! Ain’t it grand?!

We’ve been programmed since we could stand up and pledge “allegiance” that we are the land of the free and home of the brave. Sadly, there are still idiots out there spouting the program as if it were not propaganda. Sure be nice if those people would wake the hell up and stand with those of us who have been fighting the propaganda for most of our lives!


Thank you ACLU.


Amen. Folks in Georgia are going to need it:


Q. Does this mean a tourist wearing an anti-Trump tee-shirt would need to provide her own toilet and medical team?
A. Yes, by all means. Trump goons would beat the s**t out of her.

Q. How about some guy wearing a red MAGA hat?
A. No. We have a double standard for such patriotic displays.


We are all victims of brainwashing to one degree or another.
If you are alive today you are almost 100% certain to believe in something that is not real, and will likely remain oblivious to that fact for most of your life.
Granted, it is a lot more difficult to sympathize with someone spouting nationalistic propaganda than someone believing a diamond is “worth” millions, or someone believing in the existence millions for that matter, but we are all living in a fictional reality to some degree.


I’m a proud member of the ACLU. Now more than ever…


Let’s see now, was Trump going to pay for the parade he wanted for himself …?

Does Trump pay for the immense costs to taxpayers for his King-ly rule?

$20 million every weekend to take him to his Florida golf resort?

Program I saw last night following “The Circus …” about the NY Times story on Trump’s
taxes and family wealth suggested Trump has $10 BILLION in private “inherited” wealth?

Also many questions about how he made $150 MILLION in 2017 … ?


“Managing public lands for the benefit of the American people is what Congress funds the National Park Service to do. That includes demonstrators just as much as tourists or hikers,” wrote Spizter. “While the park service may be strapped for funds, it cannot balance its budget on the backs of people seeking to exercise their constitutional rights.”

Although demonstrations don’t currently incur such fees, the Post reported in August that organizations with small budgets already “can find it cost-prohibitive to comply with park service” rules that “require organizers to provide toilets, on-site emergency medical responders, trash pickup, and more.”


Fascist -

Agree –

but it seems that those impediments of flag waving and cross toting are impediments
for “Christian-White Male Supremacists” to see the light – the actual light of reality.


They (the republicans) are working as hard as they can to bring back Jim Crow. They are pure racists at heart. They have never accepted the rights of black folk or poor people. They are arrogant abusers of our freedom and democracy. They need to be called out at all times and we need to stand up to their shenanigans.


Trump will stop at nothing. He is the bull in the china shop which is our country. This man really has to be stopped. he has no consciousness of freedom and democracy. As for charging people, I think he needs to pay rent for his living quarters at the white house. It is time to put an end to these freeloading presidents who want us to pay for their rent and everything else. I would say the market value of the rent at the white house is pretty high and Trump needs to pay up to the american people. Same goes for his air force one jet and limousine. Pay up - market rate.


While I appreciate the ACLU fighting these propose rules, should they pass, the best way to deal with these fascist will be to ignore them. Get out and protest!


As noted on other threads there are 2 things to fight against. Fascism and Ice-Melt. It is growing hour by hour it seems.


First they seized the 4th Amendment (courtesy of the Patriot Act and the NDAA), then they seized the judiciary a week ago, and now attempts are underway to seize the 1st Amendment. These are classic moves - historically verifiable - fascists make with the goal to eventually establish a dictatorship in all its brutality…


It’s time he pays for everything…trips to Florida every weekend…pay up Trump. This man has scammed his whole life and now he is the position to make the biggest scam of his life. It would be a good movie but this is real life and we have to stop him.


Just another form of “protest zone” cage that was used during the 2008 and 2012 conventions. Nothing to see here. Right…


All the more reason to have millions storm the Gates to show Trump We are done with his BS Orders and wont obey! If we don’t do it now, he will continue to break us down by declaring Martial Law.


This is telling you something right?


All very true, but where’s the Resistance? There is none!


Agreed! Of course he needs to be stopped before none of us are left to do it. That’s what he’s counting on. Our lack of direct action. Where’s our Revolution? Are we that Afraid?