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ACLU Fights Back as Trump Pushes 'Stealth Proposal' to Limit Public's Right to Protest Outside White House


I agree… but easier said than done!


Fascist -

Agree –

but the flag waving and cross toting seem to be impediments to “Christian-White Male Supremacists”
seeing the light –

Was also reading about “White Male Supremacist” Evangelicals today and looks like
they’re being pulled apart by their own racist beliefs and colored Evangelicals who don’t
like their Trump attachments.

It sadly seems that the Bible thumpers in the South and Midwest – who are addicted to
porn – are the backbone of the GOP.

Keep in mind there is no predisposition of Evangelicals to be right wing – historically they
supported progressive ideals. But a rising right wing, it seems, moved into and took over
Evangelical churches … they were linked to social-reforms in 1830/40s.
Wm. Jennings Bryan, Populist hero proclaimed himself a “progressive in politics.”
Today, black evangelicals, adhering to the very same theology as white evangelicals,
lean to the left, not the right.

These reactions seem to suggest a distaste for the sex-related behaviors themselves. But recall that conservatives have been found to show higher levels of repression of aggressive and sexual impulses. Perhaps the distaste for these broad societal changes is less a result of an actual distaste for sex and more because the biblically justified control over sex that they so loudly proclaim is, in fact, tenuous. _

The internal conflict underlying superficial evangelical certainty about sexual immorality is exposed in a 2006 poll conducted by Christian.net, the world’s most visited Christian website, which found that “50 percent of all Christian men … are addicted to pornography.” Sixty percent of the women who answered the survey admitted to having significant struggles with lust and 40 percent of the women who responded admitted to being involved in “sexual sin” in the previous year. Over half of evangelical pastors surveyed in another poll taken in 2015 admitted viewing pornography in the previous year. The Bible Belt, the Southern and Midwestern parts of the U.S. where evangelical religiosity is strongest, leads the country in consumption of both gay and straight porn, and the parts of the country that are highest in religiosity have the highest rates of searching for sexual content online. In this context, it makes much more sense why evangelicals would be willing to brush off Trump’s affair with Stormy Daniels—they do the same for themselves.

Even for white evangelicals, many of the positions now associated with their conservatism were not always so clear. Both the National Association of Evangelicals and Christianity Today, the flagship evangelical magazine, initially supported the Supreme Court’s 1962 Engel v. Vitale decision to bar school prayer. As recently as the late ’70s, half a decade after Roe v. Wade, the National Association of Evangelicals opined, “We recognize the necessity for therapeutic abortions to safeguard the health or the life of the mother,” and the Southern Baptist Convention reaffirmed its belief that personhood began at birth, not at conception.


In Freudian terms he’s the id of the country’s warring, oligarchic, plutocratic ways. What was trying to remain behind the curtain is now plain to see as sunshine. The fact that many have on sunglasses makes it all the more difficult for us poor folks. Even the other lost poor folks that voted for Trump.


If you read the proposed rule, in the summary it states that the only way to comment is in writing only. I cannot remember a time when emails were not accepted or faxes for that matter. This is bizarre to say the least.


Yes, you are probably right. The packaging has come off and this is the culmination of centuries of work to hide the reality of the US oligarchy. We are now being given a picture of the reality and we have to look at it because it is so extreme and absurd. In some ways, Trump may be doing us a favor by waking us up to that reality. But the power they have gained over the years using this subterfuge…has it been too much for the US people to overcome and have they been so manipulated that they can’t even see their own power?


The right wing always wants to limit the two way street between citizens and
government –

but I very happily noted that many Democrats are taking on simple email addresses –
first noted this on C-span events – but would be very happy if it applied to all Democrats.

Should also apply to all GOP so you don’t have to go hiking into their websites to respond.
It’s simply been a timewaster to discourage responses by citizens.

Same for calls to Congress where you now need to give zip code –

NO – all citizens have the right to correspond with any and all members of Congress as they
all impact what’s happening in our own states and around the world.

Politics effects your life every moment of your life.




I wonder if Trump and his minions understand that if they take enough away from people a backlash will come. And when it comes it will require a massive amount of people on hand, many of which will be harmed or jailed. But if the numbers are large enough the military will back down. Then Trump’s SCOTUS will have no power until things settle out.
Is a general protest good enough? Can it withstand the military stand off?
Or is it better to take a hostage at the Florida stronghold?
Laws are useless against the lawless. Reason is useless against the unreasonable.
And what good is the right to assemble if you are not allowed to assemble?
We are reaching the point where words are useless and hard assets need to be gathered.
Radicalization against a radical U.S.government? And by the way, it’s our fault because we let the S.O.B. get away with everything so far.
Suggestions can go downhill pretty fast from there. But if we are all in, it wouldn’t matter.


It’s call the Matrix. Red pill? Blue pill? …


While there is truth in your comments they make me scratch my boggin. And now I want to fly the flags of Israel, Saudi Arabia, Hungry, The Philippines, China and North Korea along with my OOSA flag.


I am not convinced that the ordinary citizen in this country ever did consider that the people should have power.


The emperor’s new close


No doubt about it! Maybe I am paranoid ( who wouldn’t be with our Amerikan Fuerher ) but I have to wonder if the recent smart phone alert wasn’t a trial run from Trump to declare Martial Law sometime in the future to limit protests.


The resistance is formed in pockets of dissent.

Against War
"The fact that soldiers wear the uniform by choice shouldn’t permit “the American people and their elected representatives to be indifferent about the war in Afghanistan,” retired Lieutenant General Karl Eikenberry told the New York Times.
“It is time for this war in Afghanistan to end,” said General John W. Nicholson recently, as he was preparing to leave the country for the last time. Nicholson had spent a total of 31 months — four tours — in Afghanistan as the commander in charge of a shape-shifting mission.
Both copied from the CD article, “If you forget about A War, it’s time to end it.”
Parkland Students aren’t going away. ACLU Fights Back etc,
Ralph Nader and the Center of Responsive Law In other words there are groups actively pushing back against the rise of fascism but all the efforts do not seem to match the intensity of the constant bombardment of propaganda.


Historically, ignoring fascists is about the biggest mistake one can make.


yes, a troubling thought.


HI reader321:
I have an idea for The White House to raise money for the People’s Protests. Since were are so many fences and blockades around the White House anyway, have the Park people take a bit more space from the White House and raise money that way.
I remember reading about Andrew Jackson and how he had really rough parties there, in fact I think drunken brawl would be the correct name for one of his election celebrations.
Fence off the White House lawn and bring in some cows. The White House would sell milk and cow poo at the same time. In fact, maybe they would let the president put his name on the fertilizer packaging . TRUMP POO and I bet it would sell like crazy. Then at least the milk money and the Poo could help to fund the Park’s shortfall. I know this sounds really stupid, but stupid is what we’re dealing with.: 0


Perhaps, but I think the Tangerine Twit would be in for a rude awakening. Such a move would result in millions of people in the streets in protest. No rational local enforcement would take on their own neighbors and fellow citizens in such a case and I doubt if the military would sign up to enforce it, as it would require mowing down tens of thousands of people in the streets.


Could it be, any phone that received the presidential alert could now be encoded for tracking by the government, similar to the way a person could be tracked using facial recognition?


It’s going to take millions in the streets to even put a dent in the current level of tyranny exhibited by the US government aka the war of terror against the American people.