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ACLU Fights Back as Trump Pushes 'Stealth Proposal' to Limit Public's Right to Protest Outside White House


They didn’t need the alert for that. That’s already in place.

They’re probably using your phone to listen to all of your conversations and activities, too. They know whether you’re a moaner or a screamer, if you get my drift.


Maybe the same way that Anwar Sadat paid for his last parade . . .


All electronic communication is already being recorded, analyzed and stored. While everything with a gps is being tracked.


Dream On!   Haven’t you been listening to Tweetle-Dumb’s “Left Wing Mob” propaganda at his recent rallies?  They’re just itching for an excuse to turn the irrational riot police loose, along with their “patriotic” helpers —
all those loyal citizens who belong to the NRA . . .


Perhaps, but a few hundred storm troopers facing tens of thousand of protesters would likely give them some pause before pulling the trigger. But you could be right.


What you mean-um “could”, Kemo Sabé?


Possible, maybe even probable, but not certain. Cynicism, or even suspicion, is not the basis for certainty.

I remember the tank driver in Tienanmen Square who wouldn’t run over the protester who stood in his way. Not everyone enlisted in the forces of the government are soulless or willing to everything they are ordered to do without regard to what is right or wrong or within the bounds of human rights. Though there is ample evidence of those who were – see, for example, the Nuremberg Trials.


Most people in government are just regular people with regular jobs. There’s nothing special or un-special about them.


My experience is that they are actually special people who are dedicated to serving the public. The, especially right-wing, politicos who demean them don’t know what they are talking about.


It is telling me that fascist ideology in Amerika didn’t start with Trump. He and his criminal cabal are just the face of unadulterated fascism. The Patriot Act and the NDAA were pushed through Congress with the help of Democrats. Both pieces of legislation are designed to dismantle/override the US Constitution…


I meant that they are just people doing jobs like everyone else, for the most part.


Q. What about a trans-gender woman wearing a MAGA hat and an anti-Trump tee-shirt?


I for one am ready to knock heads with a 'Deplorable" or two.


At least many of the democrats were skeptically fearful, unlike the trunk to tail republicans that would walk off a cliff if the leadership told them to. Or to accept the Patriot Act, or Kavanaugh, or, well you name it.


I don’t get your point. How is your post germane to DC cutting the First Amendment to shreds?


NPS could afford lots of things if the military budget were reduced…neh, basically eliminated.


They. Are. Fascists.


Wayne, how much restraint by the armed did you see at Standing Rock? Ludlow Massacre? Et al.


Israeli army and snipers vs thousands of Palestinians including kids.


They (derpublicans) know they are lucky that their “opposition” doesn’t believe in the use of guns to solve political problems. Otherwise, they’d seize the second amendment too.