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ACLU Fights Back as Trump Pushes 'Stealth Proposal' to Limit Public's Right to Protest Outside White House


good luck with that asshole

we own that house and we can evict the tenants


Since Goldie locks has taken to calling democrats "the dims’ I will be referring to the republicans as “the Rubes” from here on out.


Finally we found something that irritates the current occupant in the Pure White House. We need to organize round the clock demonstrations under his bedroom window.


Some, a few maybe, understand that they work for us, everyone.


He doesn’t like Protests Outside? Well… Bring the Protests Inside! How long is this gonna be put off?


Surrounding their Residences and harassing them in public are the things they hate the most! Double it up!


Actually the the WAR on DRUGS obliterated much of that before the Patriot Act was even a glimmer of fascist hope in the Shrub’s excuse of a brain.

A war that 90% of good worshiping citizenry favored.


Good analysis in both of your links. The Patriot Act made it ‘official’…


Appreciate your reply, but disagree. KENT STATE!


Agree –

Very definitely - there are many in office and in journalism/media who would just
like to hold onto their jobs and would prefer not to do any harm to anyone.

Let’s hope more of them become leakers and whistleblowers.


Isn’t Pennsylvania Avenue a public road and doesn’t the White House belong to the people of this country?


would love to see that


Rocky Mountain View: wasn’t the Women’s March a protest? ignored by trump & his minions


The least, very least we can do is bombard the WH phone.

(202) 456-1111


More than enough of them are perfectly willing to use clubs, tear gas, and even bullets when ordered to do so by their “superiors” — or have you forgotten what happened at the Dims’ Chicago convention in '68, the civil rights marches in the sixties, Kent State and – much more recently – Ferguson, Missouri?


Oops, typo error. i meant you ignore the fascist’s oppressive laws. By defying them, you do just the opposite of ignoring the fascists themselves.