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ACLU Forces US Government to Release Secret Drone Playbook


ACLU Forces US Government to Release Secret Drone Playbook

Lauren McCauley, staff writer

Three years and thousands of deaths later, the administration of U.S. President Barack Obama late Friday finally made public its guidelines for conducting lethal drone strikes.


" He would investigate war criminals."

True, but that would mean Obama would have to investigate himself!


Obama's focus during the remainder of 2016 is 1) getting Clinton elected, and 2) signing TPP.

With Clinton in the White House all of Obama's corporate welfare programs, including drone proliferation, will be expanded and any risk of prosecution will be eliminated.


The caption above that says: WHY DID YOU KILL MY FAMILY? Has only one answer: Because the people that run the U.S. government and its military BELONG IN AN INSANE ASYLUM BECAUSE THEY ARE COMPLETELY INSANE!


Thanks, CDReader. We get nothing from the controlled corporate media either. I've been seeing things on Russia Today, though.


Is there an insane asylum at the ICC? If not, there should be.


Today is the anniversary of the bombing Hiroshima. Along with the firebombing of cities in Germany and Japan it was clearly a war crime. If we hadn't won the war it would have been US leaders and generals before some tribunal like what took place at Nuremberg.

Sad to say, but winners make the rules of warfare. Drone strikes go hand in hand with aggressive war, targeting civilians, torture, etc. It has become the way the USA fights wars. They've gotten away with it so far. After they goad the Russians and Chinese into WWIII, a war where everyone will be the loser, maybe whoever is left in the world will finally realize who have been the war criminals all along and haul our leaders into some international court like the Hague. One can only hope.


Kill in my name, Mr. Peacey Prize? Fuck you to the nth degree.


Which president was the first to complain about the Military Industrial Complex controlling America?
None other then Republican Dwight D. Eisenhower.
Which president listened to him and began to reduce the power of the MIO and was assassinated for his trouble?
John F. Kennedy.
If they'll kill a president, they'll kill anybody.


Despite the amount of words in the PDF from the link to the ACLU site, this is not only redacted in all the places I want information, it is loose enough in the available verbage that as a guideline it is more a CYA (cover your ass) than it is a guideline. There are enough conditionals at just the right places, such as "as needed" "as best as" to amount to fig leafing. This is just a cover to legitimize do-anything, including murder, at will for any reason or no real reason at all.


A play book on how we kill without the seventh amendment to the Constitution. Our founding fathers would be ashamed of what this country has become.


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Yes, they will kill anyone that stands in their way, but the travesty is that the fascists have been getting away with their murderous Modus Operandi for far too long by getting the attention off of them and getting it focused on some patsy like: Oswald, James Earl Ray and Sirhan Sirhan to name a few.


If there is one there, it must mean the inmates are running it!


MarkJNovitsky -- Do you know how someone sincere really "apologizes" for Crimes Against Humanity?

That's a really good question. "Gee, I'm really sorry our military went a little beyond the scope of what they were supposed to do. We thought we were doing what had to be done and think it's an awful shame that some extra death and destruction happened. We'll really try hard to be more careful next time."


They call me the Grim Reaper Drone.

There will be no justice until people like Obama, Bush, Clinton, Cheney, and the rest of them are either in jail or experience the same acts that they delivered.


I don't think they are insane. They are greedy.


Is both out of the question?


No! Insane with greed!


Then, there are the so called signature strikes, where the US has absolutely no idea who it is they are aiming their Hellfire missiles at, just that they are acting like a terrorist, how ever a terrorist acts! Now if that isn't the perfect definition of premeditated murder, I don't know what the hell is! I heard a moron the other day tell a young mother that Slick Oily is the perfect role model for young boys. I thought to myself "really" you believe that a young boy should look up to a rat that sits down at a table every Tuesday with a bunch of other rats and plots the murders of people halfway around the world. No warrants, no evidence, no trial by a jury of their peers, just the so called president of the United States deciding that he's a bad guy, is enough for him to die by Hellfire missile. Like I have said before amerika has a growing moron class, and this person has proven me right!