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ACLU Lawsuit Accuses Police in Minnesota of 'Targeting and Attacking Journalists' Covering George Floyd Protests

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/06/03/aclu-lawsuit-accuses-police-minnesota-targeting-and-attacking-journalists-covering


I have written before trying to expose the “training” US police, including the Minneapolis police, have received from Israeli “security forces” both in Israel and here, by Israeli agents.

Israel employs the official policy that target press, unarmed protesters using snipers, first responders/ambulances, and treat Palestinian civilians, press,and International protesters as the “enemy” to be attacked and controlled as cattle - the Israeli forces use neck and body pinning against Palestinians just as the technique used on George Floyd that tortured and killed him! The exporting of the racist Israeli MO treating Palestinians as less than human is now employed by some US police departments.

This “training” the human rights violator must no longer export their racism and violence to America! That link and truth needs to be recognized and stopped before more Americans are treated by US cops trained by Israel, as Palestinians are treated by Israel!






I am beginning to wonder which is worse. Anarchy, or the trump regime.
Wouldn’t it be better to temporarily have no government rather than one as distorted as this one is right now?

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There are plenty of vids showing the blatant disregard for civil rights by cops all over the country against people protesting, many could be used to identify the perp cops. I doubt anything could be done at the moment, but I would encourage anyone who has one to hang onto the vids, for charges pressed if the current fascists are removed in Jan. 2021, maybe even class action suits against entire departments, or assault charges.
In case anyone’s interested, jimmy Dore has a vid showing a protester knocking out a cop who slapped his phone out of his hand, it was awesome, the cop was dropped like a sack of potatoes.