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ACLU of Oklahoma Calls for Criminal Charges Against Tulsa Police Officers in Murder of Terence Crutcher


ACLU of Oklahoma Calls for Criminal Charges Against Tulsa Police Officers in Murder of Terence Crutcher


OKLAHOMA CITY - In response to the release of two videos depicting the murder of Terence Crutcher (seen here via The Tulsa World website), an unarmed Black Tulsan whose car had broken down, and the launch of DOJ and state investigations, the ACLU of Oklahoma released the following statements:

Please attribute to Ryan Kiesel, ACLU of Oklahoma Executive Director:



The spin-meisters at the Tulsa police department lost no time in putting out a release that Mr. Crutcher was shot because of refusing to put up his hands when ordered to do so by police. The dash cam of one of the cruisers along with the video from the helicopter SHOT HOLES in the police PR version of events. The comments that came from the helicopter spoke volumes about the police attitude toward people of color: "That looks like a bad dude." "Looks like this calls for a taser." I am sure they were setting the stage for the inevitable killing of Crutcher and the ensuing cover up. The police woman shot an innocent Black man...husband and father of four children...in cold blood at point-blank range. Watching both videos made me sad for the victim and his family and utterly disgusted, angry, and sickened by the actions of ALL police officers at the scene of the CRIME. I pray for the Crutcher family...my heart goes out to them in this time of great loss and pain.

And Crutcher was simply trying to get assistance from the po-po because his car broke down and could possibly cause traffic problems due to the location of that breakdown.



The epidemic of police murdering black men and women will stop when cops start getting long prison terms for these crimes.

For this to happen investigation must be carried out by an independent special prosecutor who has no present or past association with any level of government. The independent special prosecutor may be selected from well regarded members of the criminal defense bar or civil litigators.

As it stands now, police officers know they will not face equal justice under law. They will not face long prison sentences. They know the system is tilted in their favor. They know they will not be treated anything like the way black men and women are treated by the so-called criminal justice system. Police officers know their alleged crimes will be investigated and/or prosecuted by prosecutors who are heavily encumbered by a conflict of interest.

As long as the actions of killer cops continue to get investigated by government officials who have close association with the police in their everyday work, the cops will get a free pass. "Equal justice under law" will remain an empty promise (though the promise has long been beautifully engraved in granite above the door of the Supreme Court).

To fulfill the constitutional requirement for equal rights and equal justice, the cops must know their alleged crimes will be independently and impartially investigated and that they will be brought to justice, just like anyone else.


"His family pleads for calm and peaceful protests"? They should be crying bloody murder and revenge of an eye for an eye. You play into the hands of the murderers if you calmly let this evil pass without a violent response. In fact the reason the police are evil, is because the great bulk of Tulsans are evil, stupid fools and racist to boot. They all deserve the wrath of the Black community!