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ACLU Offers Legal Guidance for US Students Joining Friday's Global Climate Strike


ACLU Offers Legal Guidance for US Students Joining Friday's Global Climate Strike

Eoin Higgins, staff writer

American students planning on participating in this Friday's school climate strike should know their rights in case they're threatened with punishment.

That's the message from the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU), which reminded students of their rights Thursday by linking to a comprehensive overview of Constitutional protections on school grounds the group created last year.


If I were as young as those students, I’d be taking part in the demonstrations. :grinning:


How are these young people going to get old male farts, who currently have the political and economic power, on board? Anyone over 50 is probably going to be dead before the really horrendous effects hit the planet so how to get them to care enough is a real question. It would be nice if empathy for our children and grandchildren was enough but, since it was our greed that got the planet in its current shape, I doubts that tugging on heart strings will get us to make any sacrifices to our “deserved” lifestyle. The young can’t wait for us to die off because it will be too late.


Not OUR greed – it is the greed of those who control the nation and a good bit of the world –
and that would be Elite-Patriarchy –

White Male Supremacists, basically –

Our Founders did NOT create a democracy; they actually created an Elite-Patriarchy.
Patriarchy is a political system just as Colonialism was a political system.
Our Founders endowed Elites with land grants, gave them immense influence and control
over the people’s government, the nation’s wealth and natural resources.
The Genocide against the native people here was run basically by the Roman Catholic
Church under Papal Edicts to “Enslave or Kill” the native and African already enslaved here.
And it was all carried out under violence – precedent setting violence – equal to the RCC’s
Crusades, Inquisitions and Burnings at the Stake. Later, Our Founders also involved the
RCC in running “Church Schools” – the worst of which was the Mormon Church’s schools …
where native children were forced into them – often kidnapped – not permitted to speak in
their own languages, beaten, mutilated, hung, murdered – and sexually abused.
Columbus didn’t come alone – he brought the RCC with him – he was a Catholic who
dedicated himself to spreading “Christianity” here – and he had connections to the Vatican
by marriage.
Needless to say, Our Founders also saved & supported the system of Slavery for their fellow
Elites/wealthy which GUARANTEED the Civil War which further benefited Elites by splitting
the nation into two camps of hatred which still echo today.
Patriarchy continues to enslave women all over the world preventing their participation in
government actions or the ability to protect their own right to reproductive freedom in many
nations under the control of the RCC still.
37% of Catholics right now are questioning whether to give up the Catholic religion according
to a new poll. What about the other 63% – what’s wrong with them?

Roe is about the need of Elites – not Evangelicals – for overpopulation which means cheap
labor and higher profits for them.

Evangelicals did NOT support the theory that life begins at conception.
NOR did they support the GOP’s efforts to deny women therapeutic abortions when they
suffered problem pregnancies which threatened their life, health or future fertility.

It is the GREED of the wealthy, and the exploitation of Nature, Animal Life and Humanity
which has brought us to Global Warming.

However – while the propaganda of the “NEED” to eat animals by Elites continues on very
forcefully – many are awakening to the reality that PLANTS are not only our nutrition they
are our medicines and our drugs.

WE can all give up animal and dairy eating which is making everyone ill.

But this requires an awakening …

“Christianity” underpins Elite-Patriarchy –
as long as it survives so will that system of control.

We need also to overturn the BS of “Manifest Destiny” and “Man’s Dominion Over Nature” –
these were licenses for Exploitation of Nature given to Elites/Patriarchy by "Christianity –
there is only one truth and it is in NATURE.


School student strikes, will always be seen as problematic, not a student strike at all but a teacher strike using the students as political shields. All that needs to happen is students need to obtain parental consent for the strike and those students who do not get consent need to perhaps discuss the issue at the school, rather than going on strike, a different kind of political activity, one based upon protesting lack of public discussion and the other participating effectively in public discussion, learning the public discussion process.


I believe in most of what you write as beliefs create behaviours and create our on the ground reality .
They interpreted dominion as domination to do to life as they pleased such was their arrogance .
Now how to stop this madness that has been passed down through the generations and millennia .
The problem is that it has never been properly challenged .But we must or it will be too late.
If you get a chance read the book The New Revelations…it explains why we are where we are and how we can transcend this madness .


Hemp –
Looked at the reviews on it – a good bit of them –

One summation from the 5 star reviews …

"Basically organized religion is one of the fundamental problems with the world we live in and our concept of god in general among all peoples has to change in order for there to be any shift in consciousness among the citizens of earth to stop the millenniums old cycle of violence and atrocities".
Not sure they’ll let me post the Amazon link to the reviews – but you can find them yourself.

Funny thing that Bill McKibben - replayed today on C-span because of Global Warming March,
I guess – but originally from February 8, 2019 – said what we need is the Old World Religion
based in Nature. That’s really: “No gods above/no gods below.”
Thousands and thousands of years later came organized patriarchal religion; male supremacist

And the news even now re actions against Native Americans and the US effort to continue to
steal their lands – including areas they consider deeply spiritual – is still horrifying and idiotic.