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ACLU Ready to Defend Against Trump's "One-Man Constitutional Crisis"


ACLU Ready to Defend Against Trump's "One-Man Constitutional Crisis"

Deirdre Fulton, staff writer

The American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) is readying for "an all-hands-on-deck moment" should presumptive Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump—a "one-man constitutional crisis," according to the rights group—be elected to the White House.


Yeah but the people who vote for him are generally emotion-ridden semi illiterates who frankly don't get it and don't give a flying fig. Waste of time talking to them, you'll just get shouted down.


Hey, Obama "saved the too big to fail" gang step back and take a look from this perspective


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Good to hear that Dr. West has endured his last bout of buyer's remorse and will enlist in phase 2 of the revolution !.


They weren't so hot dealing with Bush the Younger, either. You might say they were damn near AWOL then. The biggest headline of the time from them was when Romero got caught up in the gestalt of the time and tried to prevent ACLU board members from publicly criticizing the organization's policies and internal administration.
( http://www.nytimes.com/2006/05/24/us/24aclu.html?ex=1306123200&en=cd8a5fd1f6941a5d&ei=5090&partner=rssuserland&emc=rss&_r=0 )
That's when I tore up my ACLU membership card and decided to never give them another dime of my money so long as Romero remained with the organization.


It's been clear for quite a while that Dr West would do exactly that should the Sanders campaign come to an end.


A Predicament..... WE have 2 Paths to Hell!!!--Hillary and Trump...
Which one shall we take?......I choose Jill Stein, but unfortunately that will not be the outcome.
No worries, she still has my vote. As the Buddhist say don't worry about the outcome....Choose with your heart...
For The Buddha was a Great Messenger on Earth from The Creator, as was The Jesus and The Muhammad....and lucky for Humanity & the Earth we have a New Messenger amongst us.....Newmessage.org.


Did you feel the Burn?


To suggest that Trump and Clinton are the same when it comes to domestic civil liberties is absolute nonsense.


And the people who will be effectively voting for Trump here on CD are emotion ridden semi-literates too.


(yawn) Yeah, man the ramparts, unfurl the, uh, sails and stuff, and you know, get out there and defeat the "new Hitler". Because the previous 10 presidents were paragons of civil rights.

I'll give the media this much: they gang tackled Donald impressively, from both right and less right. Everyone's bought into the magic act.

Clinton's a lucky woman (why are so many awful humans so damned lucky?)--if her establishment crutches got any bigger,she'd need a step ladder to equip them.

This is why this species has such a difficult time making the world a better place: we're far too easily scared.


Thank you for your deep insight... It's changed the way I perceive the workings of the world.


It's on!!!



The ACLU does seem to be a fair weather friend. Based on personal experiences with unions, I have to say that they're worse than exploitative employers. At least the employers send a cheque, the unions are merely a deduction from it. Sure, they were something worth supporting during the labor movement, often claiming, "the weekend... brought you by unions." The big question now is, "what have they done in the last thirty years?" (Besides self-support their top-heavy bloated ranks.)


Or not. Being able to see something for what it is and describing it accurately is not called projection, it's called being observant and not being afraid to say it like it is. But I can see why you would have thrown that little label out, I could be accused of having a narrow perspective :smiley:


America has never been great - it's "greatness" on based on slavery and massacre of Native Americans. Please do the homework.


Why The Rich Keep Us Seperated In Under 60 Seconds - George Carlin - YouTube


Jill Stein for President

I just her sent $27.00

Bernie, Bernie, Bernie, oh Bernie. You tried Bernie, and I have alot of respect for you for that, but my feeling is you really do not get how committed your supporters are to the real change. Sorry Bernie, but I got to go.
Jill In 2016!


God needs to have a sit down with Donald in a come to Jesus meeting.

"Let's face it, Donald, you don't really want to be President. What started out as a shits and giggles campaign to promote your brand, has morphed into the reality that you could actually be President. And while I'm sure that appeals to your ego, the fact is it's a relentless and unforgiving job that causes premature aging. You could go bald Donald, BALD! Being President may seem glorious, but it's more like herding cats--24/7. You'll have to separate yourself from your business interests all together, and produce your income tax returns, too. And in reality, you're really in charge of nothing more than your know-it-all staff and almost powerless to deliver on any of your campaign promises. And if you're not very careful as President, your own Party could start impeachment proceedings against you just to save their own hides."

Now I don't expect Donald Trump to listen to God or anybody else for that matter, but I sure do hope he wakes up and recognizes his own reality before he actually becomes President. His lack of really wanting the job appears in the things he says, because you can't win a Presidential election with only a segment of the angry white male vote to whom Trump panders. That language may have got him through the primary but it won't wash in the general--why does he keep doing it? He's no Lincoln, but he's smart enough and experienced enough to know how to con people.

This has been one helluva campaign cycle, full of surprises, and it's not over yet. Will Trump keep on or is it possible he will bow out in time for the GOP to field another candidate, and who will that candidate be?