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ACLU Reminds Biden of 'Moral and Legal Imperative' to Reverse Trump's Unlawful Asylum Policy

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/12/22/aclu-reminds-biden-moral-and-legal-imperative-reverse-trumps-unlawful-asylum-policy


Now now, these things take time. Remember it was one of Barack Obama’s top priorities to close GITMO when he became President as he considered it a blot on the character of the United States and he would have a moral and legal imperative to close it down and look how successful he was at doing so…

Wait it still is opened? it the Russians fault then.


I am opposed to how Trump has treated migrants, putting their children in “cages” locking up their parents in dirty, diseased detention centers, however we must END all immigration now!
We have millions of unemployed, tens of thousands of homeless with more soon to join them in the millions, we don’t even have health care so why on earth would we admit more poor, needy people when we don’t even take care of those already here LEGALLY who need our help?
Stop taking their children away, stop putting their parents in diseased, dirty detention centers, just turn them back at the border, stop taking asylum claims, no more visas so foreigners can take our remaining good jobs on the cheap while our collage educated people are forced to flip burgers for minimum wage.
We have way too many people here, we cannot take on more.
Ending immigration should have nothing to do with their skin color, it should only relate to numbers & we have too many people who are homeless, jobless, sick & can’t afford needed health care.
NO open borders, there are LIMITS to our resources, no more green cards, no more asylum, no more visas, just work permits for agricultural workers until we can train our unemployed to do that work for a decent wage.
I’m sorry for their plight but there are LIMITS to our resources & I think those here legally should come first for aid.

The problem is , the US Government and its Corporations are in those Countries from where those migrants come and stealing their wealth and resources as we speak.

Remember why the Dulles brothers supported the Coups in Central America which lead to hundreds of thousands being murdered by the Governments of right wing governments armed, trained and advised by the soldiers of the United States of America.

They owned shares in the Companies that owned all of the land down there and when the people elected to power persons who would redistribute that wealth so they could help THEIR people first , it was deemed an act of war by the US Government.

By all means look after your own , but not until all of that wealth plundered from Latin America is returned. If it not returned the peoples of Latin America have every right to come to the USA to get some of it back.


The law winked at millions of stateless people who came across the border. Really, they could have been stopped. Our law enforcement agencies could have pulverized and impoverished the vastly wealthy people and corporations that brought them in, that sometimes went abroad to recruit them, that set them up with jobs in all of these domestic covid-19 sweatshop environments.

No, the legal crackdown never happened. The wealthy are quite often the government’s closest friends.

The beauty of putting many noncitizens on the payroll is the fact that they are illegals. If they complain at all about their subminimum wages, about their exposure to cancer-causing chemicals or their near-slavery working conditions - being locked up in a Wal-Mart every night with padlocked fire doors for one example - the boss can have the workers deported. This works especially well on political refugees who know for certain that they shall be deported directly to their deaths.

We have, in effect, created a class of serfs.

The problem with political refugees that seek actual legal papers is that they can’t be deported directly to their deaths. That’s why they are being kept in Mexico where the drug cartels have free rein over these gangland refugees. That’s why children seeking legal asylum, and not the others, are ripped away from their parents and put in cages. The problem is, they’re doing everything right. No slaver wants a refugee with legal human rights.


Obama – I won’t say Barack Obama since Obama is not likely to be confused with any other Obama since there’s only been one Obama in office; Michelle’s never been in office – talked about closing Guantánamo, which was just talk while he greatly expanded the neocon Bush/Cheney regime’s policies. I do often wonder why some people disrespect the español word Guantánamo by referring to it as “Gitmo.”

I forgot to mention that I have a problem with the ACLU’s “moral…” language. Moral implies religious dogma. A better choice would have been ethical and legal imperative.

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Let us just say that until the US pulls its torturers out of that place and that place shut down , it called GITMO.

It can then go back to being called Guantanamo.

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May all of us have to wear a Scarlett letter on our lapels for time immemorial. A letter to mark that we stood by and said nothing while children were imprisoned, lost or stolen off into sex slavery. If a meteor hit the USA tomorrow we would have it coming.
Just like the never ending KISS farewell tours, this kind of shit happens because we let it happen.

You stole the words right out of my mouth! I think Biden may need just a tad more than a reminder to do the right thing. Maybe visits from the Ghosts of Xmas past/present’/future every night for the next 100 days. Maybe a burning bush or two (maybe even a burning Bush)…


if Biden fullfills his moral and legal duties to prosecute Trump, his appointees, and other enablers, every prison cell controlled by the US gubmit including all of Guantanamo’s will be needed to house those criminals. Although Trump would likely fail in the prison license plate shop, nothing would please me more than getting license plates made by an imprisoned Trump appointee.

If Biden falls short, the organized crime syndicate disguised as the GOP will become more powerful than ever, consigning the Democratic Party and democracy itself to the dust bin of history.

I remember complaints from Katrina victims that the rebuilding contracts were going to Bush cronies who were employing just such labor, instead of the locals themselves.

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It’s one organized crime syndicate encompassing two crime families in politics working with others in various “legit” businesses. They’ve both been working a long con on those who don’t pay attention, by demonizing each other for the things they both do. They can only win if enough of us are continually fooled.


I wondered how long it would take you to bring up “skin color.” You made it pretty far before showing that your education was indeed a “collage.”

Ethnicity or nationality does have a roll in immigration or migration, the most common correlations are economic/poverty, violence, disease, and climate change. The pandemic is probably the single biggest factor at the moment. We are talking about tens of thousands of people with a changing demographic, and the U.S. is also a changing demographic with some of the same issues. The source of these issues will not be solved by immigration but there are signs that there is some improvement. Things like improved level of education, economic opportunities, and reduced family size.


That is the perpetual slogan of the corporate Democrats. It will never change.

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