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ACLU Says Less Than Half of Kids Trump Ripped From Parents Will Be Reunited Before Court Deadline


ACLU Says Less Than Half of Kids Trump Ripped From Parents Will Be Reunited Before Court Deadline

Jake Johnson, staff writer

Forcing families that have already suffered the immense trauma of being wrenched apart and jailed separately for weeks to wait even longer before they are reunited, the Trump administration is on pace to unify less


Dear “Leader” is an asshole. No surprise this news.


Trump and his gang have missed other court deadlines in other venues, and he is also in violation of the emoulements clause and other laws.
I have called the ACLU and offered them a donation if they’d sue him or whoever, to ensure he is indicted in some court that can take him down and put his greedy, immoral ass in prison.
He’s a gangster.


Those who are capable of kidnapping innocent children are most likely capable of doing much more sinister things to them. The Horror…


Funny that nazi boy trump and his goons didn’t think about branding numbers on these children. Then again trump is a fool playing with evil! He’s not deep enough to dwell into hitler’s brain. He’s nacho covered in cheese waiting to be devoured by papa Legba.


Has anyone ascertained that the children are still anywhere a responsible US official can count heads.

What was the plan for children with no plan for being reunited with their parents?

Will kidnapping be the criminal charge for all officials involved in this? Including the sleaze in the oval office with no plan for returning kidnapped children?

Life in prison with no chance for parole.


I don’t mean to be rude, this is more of joke than anything but that is a horrible insult to good food.


Where are the babies? Why aren’t those that have them speaking up? Why aren’t they offering to help get them back with their parents? Are they even in this country???


This “Crime Against Humanity” will be Trump’s crowning Mis-chievment.

His fall, will be a hard one.


Trump and company need to be PUNISHED for failing to meet the deadline. Let the people choose the punishment! I’d lock them all in a cell (with a diverse prison population) for as long as these children have been apart from their parents.


The damage has already been done. Psychologists say these kids will have serious psychological problems as a result of this inhumane policy. All delays will only make the problems worse. It is hard for me to understand how people who voted for Trump can sleep at night. They have brought on such misery and they still keep insanely cheering for more.


It’s up to the judge when the deadline comes. Will he stand strong and jail Trump’s minions for contempt or will he fold like a bad poker hand. Well judge do you have a spine ?


This is kidnapping. Everyone, from Trump to those including the ones “just following orders” should be charged with this crime.


When a court (illegally) orders a reporter to divulge his/her sources, and the reporter refuses to obey the Court Order, the violator of the Court Order is often sent to jail until the person obeys the Order. Therefore, under the Equal Protection Clause of our Constitution, whomever is the person who ordered that “child-snatching”, family-splitting policy into effect (that the Court had to order stopped), MUST be sent to jail until every last child illegally separated by the Chief Executive from family is again reunited with family. After that, it’s up to each individual family involved, or a Class Action, to sue the instigator of the family separations in Civil Court for damages. This is a matter not at law, but at Equity. The Principle is even older than the US Legal System.