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ACLU Says Release of Adham Hassoun Confirms US Government Lacks Power to 'Lock Someone Up Without Due Process'

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/07/22/aclu-says-release-adham-hassoun-confirms-us-government-lacks-power-lock-someone

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How is it then, that many of those imprisoned at Gitmo were there without trial or charges for more than a decade?


How many hundreds/thousands imprisoned for murder have been released since genetic testing became available? Tip of the iceberg.

wait a sec.
some states do not release child molesters back into society after they have served their years of sentence because they are a severe danger out in society.

Gitmo should be Geneva Convention, POW rules. Maybe Trump is bringing back John Yoo to gain whacko opinions at sigma 12 to place mexican border guards in south Chicago soon. The 'Legend" surge is to appease trump’s white surburban and rural voters as tougher on crime than anybody.

Revoking Adham’s citizenship is aok.

Trump’s minions are good at ferreting out loop holes in the law. And unlimited resources for lawyers.
I once had local police screw up my detention followed up by a military screw up with further detention.
That illegal detention resulted in further charges that led to courts marshal.

It took a second lieutenant, still wet behind the ears, no time at all to have it all tossed out and charges dropped. Overzealous authorities. No wonder my dad always insisted that I had no respect for authority. I just told him, “dad, it’s not automatic, they have to earn it.”