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ACLU Statement on Potential Sessions and Pompeo Nominations


ACLU Statement on Potential Sessions and Pompeo Nominations


NEW YORK - In response to reports that Sen. Jeff Sessions will be nominated for the position of Attorney General and Rep. Mike Pompeo for director of the Central Intelligence Agency, ACLU Executive Director Anthony D. Romero made the following statement:

“As a matter of organizational policy, the American Civil Liberties Union does not take a position supporting or opposing presidential or judicial nominations. We do, however, educate the American people and the Congress about nominees’ records and past positions.



“Sen. Sessions has called the ACLU un-American and communist, assertions we flatly reject. His positions on LGBT rights, capital punishment, abortion rights, and presidential authority in times of war have been contested by the ACLU and other civil rights organizations. As the nation’s highest-ranking law enforcement official, the attorney general is charged with protecting the rights of all Americans.

There are posters on this website who believe a nominee's historical positions and actions are not an indication of his/her policies that will be advocated for if his/her nomination is confirmed and then assumes the office.

These posters advocate a "wait and see" position that will have injustice and inequality not only become institutionalized ... but legalized! These posters truly believe that a system of checks and balances actually exists. They refuse to acknowledge the existence of the "shadow government" that is actually in control and benefits/profits from injustice and inequality!

We need to understand that the "wait and see" plan of action is nothing more than a con by the ruling elites to have their vile nominees placed into position of power (on behalf of the ruling elites) with as little opposition as possible. The ruling elite know full well that once a nominee is confirmed and is in his/her position of influence, power and authority that it is tedious, time-consuming task to have that person removed from that position especially considering that a single political party has control of the executive branch and both houses of the legislative branch of government. This doesn't even take into account the influence this single political party will have over the judicial branch.

I ask the following questions to the "wait and see" advocators:

  • How many more beatings, killings of unarmed citizens, and imprisonments caused by institutionalized racism will it take before the fallacy of "wait and see" is realized?

  • How many more women must be groped, raped and subjected to other misogynist cruelties before the fallacy of "wait and see" is realized?

  • How many more members in the LGBTQ community must endure harassment, assault and death before the fallacy of "wait and see" is realized?

  • How many more innocent Muslims must experience the day-to-day hate and abuse before the fallacy of "wait and see" is realized?

In my opinion, "wait and see" is, in reality, implied consent for the brutality, dehumanization, death and other hate crimes that will multiply under the policies of Sessions & Company.

Again, once psychopathic violators of human rights are confirmed and on the job, removing them and their policies will be very difficult.

The time to resist and fully implement non-cooperation is now ... not once their vile policies are introduced and/or become law.


Congressman Pompeo’s positions on bulk surveillance and Guantanamo Bay also raise serious civil liberties concerns about privacy and due process.

The ACLU's position supporting the notion that "Money Equals Speech," in the wake of Buckley v. Valeo, has been raising serious civil liberty concerns for 40 years.


I'd bet my last dollar - the only thing keeping me from starvation - that Sessions is Klan.


That post deserves more than just a "like." It deserves a standing ovation.