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ACLU Statement on Unlawful Enforcement of Dress Code Policy at Fairview Middle School


ACLU Statement on Unlawful Enforcement of Dress Code Policy at Fairview Middle School

TALLAHASSEE - On Tuesday, October 13, 2015, a student at Fairview Middle School whose birth-assigned sex is male but who identifies as agender, wore a dress to school. Upon the student’s arrival at school, Principal Scott Hansen allegedly told them that wearing a dress was in violation of the dress code because dresses are not for boys. The school then contacted the student’s mother to provide the student a change of clothes.

Responding to the incident in a letter to Leon County Schools Superintendent Jackie Pons, ACLU of Florida Staff Attorney Daniel Tilley stated:



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I do very seriously wonder what this Fairview Middle School principal's attitude is toward school shootings, gun control, the incredibly insane, but somehow taken-as-legitimate view in the really deranged sectors of American society - like with many in the NRA - that the answer to school shootings is more guns in everyone's hands. I wonder if this principal got as worked up about the Israeli government's murder of Palestinian children on a Gaza beach last year, the Zionists' general genocidal attitude toward Palestinians, American support for and complicity in Israeli war crimes, the US president claiming the 'executive power' to murder foreign nationals and American citizens through drone strikes, the illegal detentions at Guantanamo, American torture, the demonizing and vendettas against Chelsea manning, Edward Snowden, et. al.

Isn't it interesting how so many Americans, or people in general have a harder time with boys expressing feminine traits or dressing in feminine clothing, than they do with killing, militarism, etc., etc., etc."?