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ACLU Sues California Police Over 'Exorbitant' Body Cam Footage Charge


ACLU Sues California Police Over 'Exorbitant' Body Cam Footage Charge

Nadia Prupis, staff writer

The ACLU on Tuesday filed a lawsuit against the city of Hayward, California and its police force after the department charged the National Lawyers Guild (NLG) nearly $3,000 to view body camera footage from a recent Black Lives Matter demonstration against police brutality.


How messed up is a system where those tasked with protecting the public have to wear cameras to ensure they don't abuse the trust.


Can someone define 'one round of footage?'


This is an example of the inversions inherent in inverted totalitarianism of "privatization", late stage disease of of the legacy of 'exceptionalism' and centuries of dehumanization/denaturalization. Think of the generations of aggregate TV meme lies of PR and imagine millions of pairs of eyes absorbing lies of both commission and omission.
I'm reminded of the case of a tropical spider that in its life cycle is exposed to a fungus. That fungus enters its [brain] causes it to climb to the top of a tree where it dies and the fungus is released into the air to resume its life cycle. This fungus, when actually studied has properties that have medicinal value. But it has to be understood in its inherent properties. The difference between toxin and medicine is often dosage and assiduous application of the precautionary principle. The problem with generations of PR foisting of exceptionalism based on legacy powers of abuse and extraction/exclusion/dissociative methodologies becomes more self evident.