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ACLU Sues Kansas Over 'Unconstitutional' Law Barring Boycott of Israel

ACLU Sues Kansas Over 'Unconstitutional' Law Barring Boycott of Israel

Jessica Corbett, staff writer

The law, part of a wider pattern of targeting the non-violent BDS movement, decried as "attempt by the government to silence one side of a public debate"

bds protest

The issue is not control in Kansas. That is an old canard. The issue here, unfortunately, is the right of Israel to exist and of Jews to live in their ancestral homeland.

I know. Every day that goes by I feel more and more like a stranger in a strange land. I feel sorry for the hundreds of thousands of American soldiers who gave their lives for this country since its founding. They threw their lives away for NOTHING. What a waste. It’s all I can do to get out of bed every morning anymore. It just keeps getting worse and worse. And the mindless morons around me don’t think a damn thing is wrong. Hell, most of them are cheering this type of shit on! What’s next? public book burnings of “unpatriotic” classics? Public stonings of “unpatriotic” Americans who dare to dissent against the government line? I can see it coming.

Fuck America.


Do the natives of US have a right to their “ancestral” lands? If you are American and of European descent, when you moving?


In 2015 Illinois passed the first in the US anti boycott bill . It was introduced and voted on
in a record 4 months by both House and Senate with 100% in favor. Sen. Silverstein and Rep Lou Lang
were behind it and behind them AIPAC and Israel. They both should be registered agents of a foreign country.

Out side of Chicago and collar counties most Congressmen and Senators represent farmers. You can bet
that they signed on without question as instructed. The legislative lock step rush to pass the anti BDS legislation reeks of of the Cynthia McKinney effect that “friends of Israel” use to push their program. The documentary “The Occupation
of the American Mind- Israel’s Public Relations War in the United States” does a good job of examining the scope
of how it works .

The “old canard” is that Israel is under threat from anything but its racist and on going colonizing project
which it justifies with a non religious distortion of Judaism: political Zionism. Since those are facts that are
easy to prove, and are unfortunately on display from Israel daily, the standard response is an accusation of
antisemitism, or personal discomfort, in an often successful strategy to shut of debate and discredit the
person who sees the actions of Israel and the policy it pursues as far from Judaic values. That is, unless
one accepts the “Noahide Laws” - see article by the Saker at information clearing house for video
of rabbi Bar-Hayim , an “Israeli Orthodox rabbi who heads the Shilo Institute (Machon Shilo), a Jerusalem-based rabbinical court and institute of Jewish education dedicated to the Torah of Israel”

Many Jews do not and contest that Israel or some rabbi has a monopoly on what it means to be Jew.

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”The issue here, unfortunately, is the right of Israel to exist and of Jews to live in their ancestral homeland.”
What about the right of Palestinians to live in their ancestral homeland?

  • What do you believe is the Palestinians’ ancestral homeland?
    • Please also address my other point: the right of Israel to exist?

Marvin Feil

I wonder if ALEC is drafting these laws. The Republicans in control of most State legislatures don’t really believe in freedom, except when it happens to coincide with their ideological agendas!

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The United Nations Partition Plan for Palestine was a proposal by the United
, which recommended a partition of Mandatory Palestine at the end
of the British Mandate. On 29 November 1947, the UN General Assembly
adopted the Plan as Resolution 181(II).

Many Arab countries rejected Partition and urged Arabs to leave the area so
that their armies could wipe out the Jews. The Jews were not wiped out and
ended up controlling what became the country called Israel. The Arabs who
remained in Israel were offered full citizenship and their descendants
serve in the Knesset and on the Supreme Court. Those who left were not
allowed to return.
Many Jews fled or were expelled from Arab countries. The Jews were
welcomed in Israel. The Arabs were welcomed nowhere, not even by those who
urged them to flee. The Arabs were/are victims of their brother Arabs. You
have swallowed their ongoing cries of victimhood, but mistake the oppressor.
Marvin Feil

Please also address my other point: the right of Israel to exist?

It actually doesn’t. Happy?

The UN said otherwise.

And how does Israel, a child born of the United Nations’ authority, seem to simply discount all subsequent U.N. resolutions approved against it regarding its military occupation of the people whose land was seized during a warfare campaign? Surely it abides by the international law and the resolutions of the Security Council?


As far as ancestral homelands go the Palestinians have a more DNA in their
stock linking them to Palestine than the Europeans who arrived with the intention to colonize and expel
them. Israel is a European construct along with its fictional connections to yesteryear. If it were not for the
extraterritorial land acquisitions backed by Baron Rothschild. There could have been a live and let live society much richer and healthier then the sick, largely hate and violence filled one that exists today. That is still a possibility. Israel needs help according to an Israeli from “Breaking the Silence”. Americans he implored, stop funding the State’s addiction to violence. Perhaps it is naive to think that a project which was racist and dependent on terrorism from its inception can rejoin humanity. But there were Palestinian and Israeli women marching together a few days ago calling for just that under the banner of “Enough”. See State of Terror: How Terrorism Created Modern Israel by Thomas Suarez.

Here is a fact. The Zionist did not accept the UN partition either. Yes the Palestinians did not , as what right did the UN have to give away their land, while the Zionist leaders wanted it all, as seen in their meeting notes. Using murder and violence their terrorist gangs started ethnically cleansing both the Israeli allotment of Arabs and areas designated to be Palestinian, some two months ahead of the Partition. It was actually the Arabs, Muslims and Christians who were driven into the sea during that founding crime, as documented by the British, who sent boats to rescue them in the port city where it happened.

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Peter Hindrup:
If “Israel has NO right to exist.”, then there is no basis for a
discussion. I doubt that any sane person would wish to have a discussion
with anyone who believed they shouldn’t exist.

John Bows:
I am not clear on one point. Are you acknowledging that Israel is a
sovereign country " born of the United Nations’ authority"?

Amazing! A law in an American state that grants greater Rights to corrupt Israel than to it’s own citizens! Who voted for such a law, and why are they not in prison for their crime?


What a total non-sequitur.

The issue is the US Constitution, and the First Amendment, and freedom of speech.

i don’t care who is abrogating freedom of speech, or on whose behalf. They must be resisted and defeated.


Bill Maher slams everyone for being P.C. Think he will mention this attempt to silence Americans?

Please…this CD article is about the ACLU suing a state that’s abrogating the Bill of Rights vis-a-vis the freedom of speech and of political activity. You have a right to your opinion and your choice of what companies to patronize. Period. So do the people who disapprove of Israel’s hegemony and apartheid. Period. The discussion about who lived and lives where and who owns what land or has a right to humane conditions is a different discussion.


The subversion of America and American politicians, elections, and legislation continues - now accelerated under the racist Israeli tool trump regime!

When US officials and politicians hold first loyalty to a foreign power - Israel - that is treason! When a US administration does the bidding of that foreign power that crime is a hanging offense!

When US citizens are barred from their right to free speech, that is a clear unconstitutional and treasonous action that shows the power of the foreign entity to subvert OUR national interests!

America has suffered decades Israeli subversion of our politics, foreign policy and false-flag ops that murdered Americans! The USS Liberty attack by Israel killing or wounding over 200 American sailors, and covered-up ever since by the US government and Israel only one such event!

BDS! Boycott, Divest, Sanction! Smash zionist theft and illegal colonization of Palestine!

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