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ACLU Sues Kansas Over 'Unconstitutional' Law Barring Boycott of Israel


What a total non-sequitur.

The issue is the US Constitution, and the First Amendment, and freedom of speech.

i don’t care who is abrogating freedom of speech, or on whose behalf. They must be resisted and defeated.


Bill Maher slams everyone for being P.C. Think he will mention this attempt to silence Americans?


Please…this CD article is about the ACLU suing a state that’s abrogating the Bill of Rights vis-a-vis the freedom of speech and of political activity. You have a right to your opinion and your choice of what companies to patronize. Period. So do the people who disapprove of Israel’s hegemony and apartheid. Period. The discussion about who lived and lives where and who owns what land or has a right to humane conditions is a different discussion.


The subversion of America and American politicians, elections, and legislation continues - now accelerated under the racist Israeli tool trump regime!

When US officials and politicians hold first loyalty to a foreign power - Israel - that is treason! When a US administration does the bidding of that foreign power that crime is a hanging offense!

When US citizens are barred from their right to free speech, that is a clear unconstitutional and treasonous action that shows the power of the foreign entity to subvert OUR national interests!

America has suffered decades Israeli subversion of our politics, foreign policy and false-flag ops that murdered Americans! The USS Liberty attack by Israel killing or wounding over 200 American sailors, and covered-up ever since by the US government and Israel only one such event!

BDS! Boycott, Divest, Sanction! Smash zionist theft and illegal colonization of Palestine!


I think it was decided that Israel can and does exist no problem, they just cannot expand illegally and at the expense of other legal citizens in what amounts to genocide.


If we could move off the Israeli rights issue and focus on our rights as citizens of the US? The fact that laws have been passed and are being considered that would make it ‘illegal’ to boycott Israel is completely antithetical to our Constitutional rights! When I first heard that universities were barring that protest I was horrified. With lawmakers attempting to sanctify a specific exclusion of our free speech rights, we should all be horrified. How far are we really from the Thought Police?

If the ‘laws’ barring protest of Israel’s horrific actions toward its neighbors is allowed, what will be next? I typically hate ‘slippery slope’ arguments, but the dangers here are extreme. And we ARE headed in that direction. Look at the Orange Clowns response to the NFL protests. And it appears that the NFL will cave. This issue is destruction of democracy writ large. Thank you, ACLU, for taking this one on in the courts.


As far as I know, the Palestinians did not exist, as a group, until a few decades ago. Do you have an older reference to a group of people calling themselves Palestinian?


If you believe that Freedom of Speech is an absolute, we probably disagree on some points, but you are consistent and I think I understand your position. My point did not concern Freedom of Speech.
My question was addressed to what appears to be a group of people who believe that Israel has no right to exist despite the stated fact that it is “a child born of the United Nations’ authority.”