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ACLU Sues to End 'Unlawful, Privacy-Destroying Surveillance Activities' of Facial Recognition Startup Clearview AI

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/05/28/aclu-sues-end-unlawful-privacy-destroying-surveillance-activities-facial-recognition

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Guess I’ll be wearing a mask for the rest of my life

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Hi LiikoiJammin:

LOL, but make sure that the mask has Trump’s face on it. : )
Then we must hope that Apple comes up with a morphing quality ability to be applied to the insane police tactic. That way all the faces l would ook like they were done by the painter Francis Bacon.That will change this up a bit—and again what happened to,“unreasonable search and seizure?”

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Killed in the War on Drugs & rhe Global War on Terror.

Proactive Panic is the correct response to such issues as this, because no matter who is kept from unduly intruding into the “privacy” it is now necessary to instill in our society, to ensure the healthy blooming of individual’s state and abilities, no matter how many companies you catch and prevent from the worst excesses, there will always be another ten that you’ve neglected to include in your scans…

Hi nighthawk:

Hmmmmm, the war on drugs and the war on terror.Oh. I bet that the government just combined them and came up with THUGS in ERROR—which is what the collateral murder video showed us. :frowning:

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