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ACLU Sues Trump Administration Over 'Unconscionable' Attacks on Portland Medics

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/07/23/aclu-sues-trump-administration-over-unconscionable-attacks-portland-medics

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What else would you expect from Trump after he has attacked Fauci in the midst of a pandemic that is ramping up due Trump’s complete arrogance and incompetence. What are a few medics to Trump. Just look at the quack doctors Trump has used in the past. Remember this is the guy who thinks exercising uses up your finite amount of life energy. If there is a god he has a really dark sense of humor, but more likely humans such as Trump are simply criminally insane and god has nothing to do with anything related to human relationships.


I’m sure some of these deputized warriors are war veterans. It may be frustrating for some to keep a U.S. crowd under wraps.
In Iraq they are even less likely to put up with crowds protesting.
But then, we aren’t in Iraq are we. Or are we?

Just curious, does not the 2011 signing of the NDAA (by Obama and dims) allow most of what the 45 Goons are doing ? I believe it gives them carte blanch to kidnap and hold indefinitely without charges among other things. Seems like all they need to do is proclaim that WE are terrorists or acting as such for the Brown Shirts are let loose.


I am afraid that is the case. We have Obama and the Dems to thank for enabling fascism in the USA.


Trump, has wanted this violence all along. Go back to the Central Park Five. Go back to his 2016 campaign. The sad fact is that there are many who have “sworn” an oath to the Constitution, but never read it, much less understood it. In August of 2015 I read Sinclair Lewis’ (1935) It Can’t Happen Here. Oh yes it can. And is happening.


It’s a “bipartisan” doing. I know you are trying to point out that a lot of what is going on is because of the groundwork laid down by both the corporate parties. That said, let’s get past obummer and see how to respond to today.
The courts are no use - they are stacked in favor of the oligarchs. People power is all that’s left.


The problem is you can’t get past Obama (and Clinton) as long as the citizens of the USA keep on voting for either of the two corporate parties. The only way forward is massive general strikes and boycotts of the corporations that own the USA now.


True words. I have noticed that those who are always talking about the “constitution” have never read it. And those who want the “Ten Commandments” posted all over town don’t know but maybe 2 or 3 of them.


Agreed about the strikes. What I meant by “people power”.
Not saying obummer is not to be held responsible. I still don’t see how he got in for a second term.

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We are on the same page. Thanks for your reply.

obummer got a second term due to incumbancy advantage, right leaning swing voters believing that Romney was not fascist enough, and the GOP not trying very hard, knowing that they were gaining enough control in the legislative branch and state houses to neutralize anything Obama attempted.

Putin used the same tactics during the Crimea invasion that Trump is using in Portland.

I’m very concerned about what may happen in Chicago soon with trump sending federal agents there . .
does anyone understand what is going on including the take on Lightfoot?

We need a new Weather Underground that is more effective and lethal - to the authorities. We need them with amour-piercing machine guns and Rocket Propelled Grenades to blow up their unmarked rented “kidnapping vans”. We need to declare a boycott of Enterprise Rent-a-car until they quit renting vehicles to the federal government to kidnap protesters. We need to declare open war on fascism and the fascist tactics of the federal government. They have no shame, so trying to shame them into not using violence against unarmed mothers does no good.

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Going to need a good supply of RPG rockets.

The ACLU is taking action because state and municipal governments aren’t. And Lightfoot said she welcomes these KKKlowns.

Some of them might be volunteers. DemocracyNow! reported on 7/10 that ICE is training a citizens army, including in the use of firearms.

When you fail or block peaceful change you make violent change inevitable and it will be played out in the streets. Action in the streets is the frustrating and last statement of the ignored, unheard and marginalized Americans. If they are continued to be ignored, and injustice across our society continues and greater repressive violent tactics are used to dominate them, the country is in deep trouble.

Im angry too. I will be angrier if innocents are harmed, killed, by futile attempts to outgun the vast weapons and resources of the US Gov’t.
Urban warfare can easily cause 5 times as many amputations, critical injuries, and death among non-combatants. Most bullets in warfare miss their INTENDED target. How many walls in an elementary school, hospital, or apartment building can a single armour piercing round penetrate? The answer is too damn many.
See all those cameras mounted all over the place? They push rewind and find you loading your car. See all those RFID scanners? No you don’t. But they see the embedded chip in the shoes you bought with a credit card. Like Edward Snowden says, DELETE is a fiction. You got anything that can hit those satellites that are watching hotspots, among every where else?
Got drones? Anti-drones? Microwave cannons? Sound cannons? DIME bombs? Laser/GPS guided Tomahawks? Daisy cutters?

We need to focus on using what has worked and creating new ways of making what is in our shared interests happen, not give them the excuse they are itching for, which includes civil war.

It can’t be stressed enough, keep in mind the difference between people and machinery. Revolution is profoundly transformational, INTERNALLY, regardless of external change. Methods practiced shape future rationale. Tools shape the craftsman. Find the machine’s weaker gears to apply force to. Channel Jester, Coyote, ask “what would Bugs Bunny do?” Deprive them of what they want that you have, LABOR. Scare them, UNITE. We have 40 million jobless with cabin fever, there’s a hell of alot of potential there. Solutions to the impending catastrophic explosion of both homelessness and hunger provide opportunity if seized to build grass roots resistance and resilience.

With wildly accellerating climate change it is up to the current inhabitants to align the behaviour of humanity with nature or become

Generation Omega.

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Agree. Fascists like Trump love violence and emergencies as it gives them more political power. My Progressive friend it looks to me like it is going to get ugly in November, since this sending Federal Agents PROVOCATEURS into Democratic cities with women Mayors like Seattle and Chicago ( especially an African, American woman in Chicago!) could be precursor of what we could be in for this fall. Trump would love to declare Martial Law…if he could get away with it!

I wish I had more confidence in the JCOS than I do. To get suckered into Lafayette Square is one thing, but out and out martial law is another. If he issues an illegal order…it might just be Nixon/Frost all over again.