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ACLU Sues Trump Administration Over 'Unconscionable' Attacks on Portland Medics

It shuts up a lot of dims in arguments about how this Brown shirt brigade is totally ‘illegal’ when it is not necessarily so. I remember when it was signed, and remember thinking this might not be good in the wrong hands. Really was trying to find out how that impacted these actions. Just some balance.

I am not saying Trump will get away with ordering martial law, but I am saying being a Mafia, thug it would give the Mafia Don the power of a dictator…which Trump would love to have like other dictators around world.

There is a view of this that isn’t as main stream as others.
That is that trump is once again being childish.
“You won’t allow me to use the army at my wall.
You won’t allow me to use the military to fight protesters. Well I’ll fix you and the democratic horse you rode in on.”
So he gets Barr to come up with some loophole to send someone, (anyone) into the fray.
Of course it is vindictive, childish trump at his normal disgusting self.

Yep, as Jimmy Dore describes in these two videos.



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With the Democrats as they are he probably can and will.

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“I still don’t see how he got in for a second term.” I’ve needed to train myself to stop that thought which is rampant and legion in so many different elections of different so-called Public Servants. The answer comes flooding into my mind a fraction of a second later: “Who was he running against?” That is what is meant by Political Science.

We can all lament how the Duopoly stacks the deck against a third party that might break from the Corporate-Capture of both monopoly parties that act in bi-partisan fashion to protect Daddy Warbucks immoral national budget (in a nation of 50 states and far-flung imperial territories, where our lower 48 is protected on 3 sides by oceans and the fourth side by the Arctic Circle!
How f’in afraid can we as a nation allergic to a Nanny State can we be?!?!)

Yet our neighbors to the Great White North in Canada and net-casting as well as broadcasting their Public Interest National Broadcasting service the CBC (mostly free of corporate endowment underwriting) are slowly building support for a 3rd Party NDP alternative to their own hopelessly corrupt and corporate-captured Duopoly of Identity Politics and nominally named Conservative and Liberal parties.

So far the alternative 3rd Party has been a nominal dud, but in terms of policies they can at least squeeze a 3rd lectern for televised and radio-carried debates in provincial and municipal not to mention national elections. We in the U.S. last had a 3rd or indie party candidate included in national elections back in the 1990’s when Ross Perot’s ears and objections to NAFTA stood out between the 2 snake oil salesmen in former CIA Chief (China Desk) George HW Bush and The Man from Hope, Arkansas who Ishmael Reed scabrously called the ‘first black President of the U.S.’ and we knew as Slick Willie and the House of Clinton. Both House of Bush and House of Clinton were there debating while agreeing to support NAFTA and only Ross Perot came with reasonable opposition to that first of the U.S. Trade Deficit Ballooning FTA’s (Free Trade Agreements).

Where as contributor ZED likes to keep harping on these FTA’s and their Supreme Court (with not much enforcement power) the WTO gets a trans national veto over nationally legislated sovereignty and Trumps every nation’s Justice Department or Ministry as well as the World Court.

We wonder why nationalism with fascist fervor has broken out the world over? How about Globalization that has eroded and undermined sovereignty and any small representative government gains around the world by investor drafted trade agreements wherein the signatories needn’t ever reveal their conflicts of interest.

Meanwhile republics return us all to the Feudal Ages led by a trans national Corporate Caliphate as elected representatives cede self-governing power to trans national arbitration panels that usurp national governmental, legislative, judicial and militarized law-enforcement authorities.

To quote those Dead Sea Scrolls of Comedy and the recent passing of conceptualist Carl Reiner, Z"L who played for half a century the dogged muck-raking interviewer of that geriatric marvel, the 2000 Year Old Man (voiced by Mel Brooks):

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