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ACLU Sues Trump Over 'Shameless, Unconstitutional, Unprovoked, and Frankly Criminal' Assault on Peaceful Protesters

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/06/05/aclu-sues-trump-over-shameless-unconstitutional-unprovoked-and-frankly-criminal


Hunter Thomson once wrote that “In a world of swine all pigs are upward mobile.”
We will be ruled by pigs, until we say no.


Trump must be removed from office. We cannot wait on “elections” in November. Time up for fascism.


This argument does need some fine tuning: The dark arts of the settler colonialists on Turtle Island were first honed on the land and lives of First Nation Peoples and Africans after honing them on the lives of the Irish by the Scottish settler colonialists in Norther Ireland before they were recruited by Englad to come to Turtle Island and continue their bloody “sport”. Not content with this and having failed to gobble up Canada and all of Mexico US American Empire got exported overseas. Not until US America acknowledges and atones for the crimes against the original people and the Africans will there be any hope for the future at home and abroad, including Iran.

I think it is about time those identifying as white in US America defy the legacy of their ancestors and acknowledge and seek remedy for the barbarism against people of color. This is something that needs to be appreciated.


Steven Newcomb (Indigenous Law Institute) on Domination, Colonization and the Doctrine of Discovery


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Some perspective would be good: it wasn’t another Kent State.

Just put that lawsuit on the stack of them he already has in file cabinet 13.

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Another question is why the DC National Guard obeyed an unlawful order, and why the Park Police didn’t stand down?


The United States Military and all Law Enforcement agencies nationwide, are the two largest, government sanctioned terrorist organizations in the United States that are eating up the most significant portion of our local, state, and federal budgets.

This must stop, and every single American must take a stand against this totally Fascist takeover of our country.

Get involved, get organized, and get ready.

“The only thing we have to fear, is fear itself.” ~Winston Churchill

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The person adopting the handle @homersimpson seems to me to be a voice that is not genuine - that is a divisive troll and propagandist seeking to divide, not contribute…

** - to not be conned** - a record of abusive comments to others, false history, attacks and abusive comments toward people deserving respect, and highly questionable obtuse political commentary - ripe with an intentional false narrative that goes beyond honest personal opinion with just enough truth to pass and con readers - as is the typical MO of such propagandist dividers!.
Can I get a witness?


I’ll second that Emphyrio. In just the last couple weeks since he, she, or it joined, it’s goal seems to want to create hatred and division.

Good call.


My take as well. It feels like when the lawsuits to get a full recount in Florida 2000 were summarily thrown to the wayside.

That has to be ordered by a commander, and they are not ready to stand down I guess.

What elections? We now have a dictator for a president and Trump will do whatever it takes to stay in office!

“We won’t be silenced by tear gas and rubber bullets. Now is our time to be heard.”
—April Goggans, Black Lives Matter D.C.

White Republican silence= Black lives Matter, violence!

Correction: Quote was from Franklin Delano Roosevelt.

My apologies to Franklin.

Ordered by a commander NOT. They absolutely have a right to resist illegal orders.

Do you know this from experience? Just wondering if that’s a guess, or a fact.
I ask because I’ve been there, and it ain’t as easy as suggested.