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ACLU Suing Psychologists Who Designed and Ran CIA Torture Program



Thank You ACLU et al. We have to nail the legal status, to Protect the Future.

the Alien Tort Statute — allows federal lawsuits for gross human rights violations

Boy is that an understatement.


Mitchell and Jesson converted tactics that were from our own pilot training. Pilots are trained on the basis of 1950s tactics in which pilots were tortured to make propaganda statements for US enemies. The SERE program was created to bring these tactics into training, but were used for "enhanced interrogation" (torture) instead. Despite a significant body of social science research that demonstrated that even the greater good would not be served (by acquiring actionable intelligence), these psychologists continued to hoodwink government officials by touting the effectiveness of these techniques. This also served the needs of the government officials to consider the torture to be defined as not torture and therefore be defined as legal. The American Psychological Association (APA) commissioned an investigation of the connection between the largest professional organization in Psychology (APA) and government activities. Check out the Hoffman Report - it is readily available in pdf through online search.