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ACLU Targets Obama with New Lawsuit Over Drone Wars, 'Kill List'


ACLU Targets Obama with New Lawsuit Over Drone Wars, 'Kill List'

Jon Queally, staff writer

The American Civil Liberties Union will file a new lawsuit against the Obama administration over its continued and controversial use of armed drones to carry out lethal strikes and assassinations across the globe, the Guardian reports on Monday.


First of all, to the CD staff, much better job on the headline for this article.

Second, while I like this news, I have to bear in mind its inevitably transient nature. The plaintiffs will be fortunate to find a bench in the fascist Federal judiciary to hear it. I’m afraid that this case will appear on a ‘kill list.’

Still, give it a :wink:



If a US-based criminal organization killed people in other countries, but planned and funded those murders from US soil or via US “companies”, then the US courts would legally be in a position to try these cases and jail the perpetrators, even if only for conspiracy to commit murder (which carries similar penalties to actual murder).

When a US President “orders” the killing of foreign nationals without due process (conviction of an actual crime against the US or US citizens), it is murder. MURDER, plain and simple. Spare us all the “national security” BS, that pack of lies has been repeatedly exposed.

Obama and Bush and Clinton ALL admit to ordering such extra-juducial murders. Charge them, and their co-conspirators. Ditto for the torture crimes they have admitted to.

When Obama admits “we tortured some folks”, and crows about murdering Bin Laden (rather that bringing him to face the courts), he has publicly confessed to full knowledge and giving permission to others to commit the crimes. A mafia boss making the same statements would be arrested immediately.

Lock Obama up. NOW. Do the total MSM perp-walk out of the Oval Office to serve as deterrent to any other Pres who thinks him/herself above the law. Maybe then the Nobel Price Committee will strip him of his “Peace Prize”.


While I agree with this lawsuit by the ACLU, I doubt that it will go very far.

The Obama Administration has become too powerful even for the Wall Street and corporate backers who installed him into office.


Drones, hit lists, civilian “collateral” damage expands ISIS.


The empire and its imperial presidency will not be stanched by words alone. Only a complete political house cleaning can avoid bloody revolution. Martin Omalley and Kshama Sawant would make a powerful third party team. Pull in the environmentalists from the Greens. Ditch MSM and start your own campaign web portal. Shun corportists and military adventurists at every turn.


Only a change in our whole society will result in the elections of people into office who are not part of the system that breeds for this kind of damage, if one gets the drift. As long as the American Electorate at large keeps electing people into office who are part of the system that we presently have in place, there’ll be no change.


My first question for presidential candidates.

Who will you place on the Kill List?


President Obama: " we tortured some folks". and he should have followed that up with: we have murdered many innocent folks with my drone program. We meet every Tuesday morning to see who will be next on our kill list. While I welcome the ACLU lawsuit, it will not go anywhere because lawsuits against Obama only work in a democracy, not in a fascist, military dictatorship! How can they hope to sue the unjust when the whole judicial system is unjust?


“The public should know who the government is killing, and why it’s
killing them,” [says] Jameel Jaffer, deputy legal director for the ACLU.
~ ~ ~
Actually, it it the government itself that should somehow be TOLD by the Public, that it has no legal recourse to create or use such a program, and that it has used FEAR, not LAW to establish murder without trial as a legitimate practice.
• Of course how that would be done, and by whom is the question that still remains. The answer to it will essentially be a diagnostic of the state of democracy in this nation. This is especially significant since this “democracy” is constantly the principle reason cited for defending the nation against adversaries who, we are told, are set on on destroying our political system. Hmmmm … who is being most successful at this?


While we have to have “change in our whole society”, it is considerably beyond the problem of “electing people into office who are part of the system” as the current electoral system is a sham designed to be self-perpetuating and offers virtually no access to alternative candidates and points of view. How to get major electoral reform, is another question to be asked, and hopefully answered while we still have elections.


While I agree with your rant, what you are suggesting only works in a true democracy. Unfortunately, the average American citizen has no participation in political power. Every four years this criminal and nefarious syndicate puts on a dog and kabuki pony show for the sheeple. Obama, the CIA and most of Congress are nothing but a criminal war racket, syndicate. And that is not anything new. This Amerikan crime syndicate goes back a long way. Everything from the assassinations of JFK, MLK and RFK to the false flag of 9/11.


Only a change in the whole structure of our society will get the major electoral reforms that’re desired, imho.

I stand by my position, however, that voting for people/potential leaders whose ideology/thinking is out of the realm of both the Democratic and the GOP is a good start.


“The American crime syndicate goes back a long way. Everything from assassinations of JFK, MLK and RFK to the false flag of 9/11.”

Things here in the United States go back a much longer way than the above-mentioned events, however. The McCarthy period, as well as the Salem Witch hunts, and the spying of the FBI on Civil Rights and anti-war protestors, are other good examples in point.


“Obama, the CIA and most of Congress are nothing but a criminal war racket, syndicate. And that is not anything new.”

is also true, but as I pointed out above, however, also go back aways, well before Obama, and most of the people who are now in Congress, as well as Reagan, the Bushes, etc., even came into the picture. That being said, one has to ask him or herself what it is about our whole system that breeds people such as Nixon, Reagan, Carter, the Bushes, Clinton and Obama in the first place.


Agreed. But if no one simply states the obvious concept of equal treatment under the law, the 0.01%'s 0.1% lackey-enabler class carries on without even a mental challenge in the public’s consciousness.

The laws ARE there, they just need to be enforced. It only takes one instance. The international peace community NEARLY caught war criminal Kissinger while he was vulnerable in a foreign country, and high-profile US politico-agitators dare not set foot in Venezuela.

The US is increasingly isolated on so many fronts, war-criminal justice being just one. Russia was just given a SWIFT board seat, while the US was pushing for Russia ot be kicked out of the international banking payment system. I guess Russia setting up its own domestic system and China having their independent international one slated for activation in Sept set off alarm bells.

The US’s Bretton Woods/IMF/WTO/World Bank/US$-reserve-currency hegemony is bankrupt, corrupt and in the knife-edge of collapse. The fact this system backstops US “exceptionalism” in everything from currency transactions to drone bombings to regime change means the US better learn to play nice or become a worse pariah state than the USSR ever was. Then those US elites who thought drone bombings and torture carried no consequences for them may find themselves unable to leave Gulag USA.


" What is about our whole system that breeds people such as Nixon, Reagan,Carter, the Bushes,Clinton and Obama".

Great question! What that tells me, is unless you are the most corrupt of criminals, you are not allowed to be part of the criminal cartel called the American Government.


Cogent reply.


Outstandingly clear insight into the reality of our sordid existence as wageslaves to sociopath mass murderers.


Can you say “capitalism”?


Make me laugh while i weep. U know as well as I that the sh…hole known by some as the USA is not a democracy, it is a plutocracy of the corporate criminal voting owners, and the entity is GLOBAL.