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ACLU Urges Greyhound to Stop Letting Border Agents Use Buses as 'Rolling Traps'

ACLU Urges Greyhound to Stop Letting Border Agents Use Buses as 'Rolling Traps'

Jake Johnson, staff writer

Accusing Greyhound of allowing its buses to become "rolling traps" where U.S.

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Reminiscent of Nazi Germany.

This is not news because it is not new. A policeman stopped our car on the way to Big Bend for spring break back in 1979. In the car a Japanese American driver, my Yugoslav friend, and my India boyfriend. No passports, valid drivers license for the Japanese American. No violation, just a check stop.
Asked to talk with everyone. Evidently only concerned about the Indian. His Indian accent relaxed the officer and he left. Evidently looking for Mexican illegals.

Every bus I’ve taken in the last decade near the Mexican border has had both regular and spontaneous border police stops. When one driver was vocal and visibly angered by an arrest, he was threatened by the officer as well.

Maybe what is new is the media attention and the nationalization of the practice, and its spread to all immigrant nationalities.

Thank you ACLU –

“Greyhound should be in the business of transporting passengers, but instead is allowing intimidating interrogations and searches,” Monica Andrade, attorney and legal fellow with ACLU of Michigan Skadden, said in a statement. “These searches violate the rights of passengers, who simply want to arrive to their destinations safely. They should not be subject to warrantless arrests and the threat of deportation.”

While Greyhound insists that it is “required” to cooperate with CBP agents if they ask to board one of their buses, ACLU insists in its letter that it is “aware of no such requirement.”

"Rather, Greyhound has a Fourth Amendment right to deny CBP permission to board and search its buses without a judicial warrant," the letter states.