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ACLU's Closing Argument: 'Everyone Should Be Able to Vote, and Everyone’s Vote Should Be Counted'

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/11/02/aclus-closing-argument-everyone-should-be-able-vote-and-everyones-vote-should-be

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Now that NYC’s ex mayor paid up the debts for the people who had once been felons in Florida— BUT----how odd that prior to Bloomberg’s payoff-----Florida suddenly decided that the felons had to pay a crime fee. Although, it would seem that spending the time in jail and having absurd phone rates to even speak with their families would be enugh---- Florida’s mean about-face would force them to pay to vote to pay for their crimes—even though they had already paid the time in jail. However, I do look forward to Trump spending time in jail—and maybe DeJoy going with him! : )


It is quite telling that the United States under Trump is not allowing international observers into the country which would seem to strongly indicate that the last thing the United States wants is for the world to see how the allegedly greatest country in the world has degenerated, it would appear, into a banana republic where voters’ rights are in serious danger of being trampled. To not count the votes of people who vote by mail is not only absurd but criminal. If things do not go fairly smoothly tomorrow then that would be yet another reason why Trump should be arrested and charged with, at the very least, obstruction of justice, tampering, and intimidation.


Quite telling indeed. No guardrails.

Mail slowed down to 70% should be at 95%------one million and half mail in ballots not received yet in Florida???


I hope someone figures out how to put the Post Office back together again after the dictator’s urgent need to bash it to pieces has somewhat passed. It’s nice to have a Post Office, you know, for Christmas cards and what-not. Maybe even letters to Mom. Some folks still like to send letters in the mail.

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I finally joined the ACLU and signed up for a monthly contribution. They have done a lot and in many cases they are the only ones there defending our freedoms.

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The American voting system is a sad joke amongst the people who live in democracies around the world. The Republicans corrupted it and the Dems have taken a leaf out of their book. America is in no definition of the word a democracy and her constant blathering on about how she promotes democracy around the world another sad joke. She has promoted dictatorships wherever and whenever she could. Now her external policies have seeped back into America, completely destroying any semblance of democracy she once had.

And their mail-in votes will be welcome.
Melania won’t likely be around anymore, so I hope trump and DeJoy become good butties.

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I average one or two prescriptions by mail every week from the VA. The electrics will be coming and the sound and fumes of the old LLV postal delivery trucks will become silent deliveries.

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