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ACLU's People Power Project to Launch With "Cities of Resistance" Effort

ACLU's People Power Project to Launch With "Cities of Resistance" Effort

Nadia Prupis, staff writer

The American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) is launching a new project to harness grassroots resistance to President Donald Trump.

I signed up the livestreamed training. I hope this leads to positive results. My town reportedly has a lot of undocumented immigrants but there have been no ICE sightings yet according to our mayor.

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The day isn’t that far off when all immigration barriers between nations will come down. It’s either that or planetary death.

My friend and I have also signed up for the Resistance training with the ACLU for this afternoon in Michigan. There are no quick fixes to this political situation. The only fix we can work toward is changing the Congress and Senate from red to blue or independent. Starting at the local level is the answer because that is where you have contact with your neighbors, organizations, schools and other folks. Our commitment to Democracy is what it is about, and sharing that with others. Our Facebook page is Midwest Action for Progressives. Look us up and get charged!

It is unfortunate that the ACLU is focused on particular interest groups instead of the over-arching issue of the moral bankruptcy of capitalism. Let’s face it - the real conflict is between the uber-wealthy and everyone else. Until we can frame the issue that way, we are inviting opposition.

Not a very welcome thing to bring up here. But, in spite of the great work the ACLU does for our civil liberties, they have a huge flaw in my opinion. Would we be having so many of these problems today if the powers of the affluent, people or corporations, weren’t determining who wins our elections and hence who writes our laws?

The ACLU is significantly complicit in this as they think money is speech, that corporations are people. I know there are two sides to the argument as to contributions being free speech. But why choose the argument that sides with wealth? As Justice Brandeis said: “We must make our choice. We may have democracy, or we may have wealth concentrated in the hands of a few, but we can’t have both.”

They were much better until board member changes in the early 1990s and thereafter are getting away assisting in taking us into plutocracy. They do so much good but their involvement in advancing the uber-wealthy has an extremely destructive impact on what’s left of our democratic republic.

Yeah! Sure! “Freedom Cities”. But of COURSE, these “Freedom Cities” will continue to engage in mass warrant less surveillance, they will continue to RABIDLY attack Freedom of Expression under the feel-good auspices and camouflage of “Political Correctness”, they will literally, as in the case of California TAKE without compensation or due process the 2nd amendment FREEDOMS of gun owners, again under some sort of do-gooder camouflage, they will continue to REMOVE books from libraries that DARE to use ‘racially or gender offensive words’ as is the case right now with dozens of books written by Mark Twain and others.

They will continue to engage in FORCED compliance with their fanatical beliefs while calling it ‘Freedom’.

This sort of fanaticism has always been the most dangerous. Camouflaged Fanatics coercing everyone else to “Their” idea of “Utopia”.

Protecting THEIR sacred cows and special interests while ignoring, almost to the point of genuine Psychosis, all other beliefs and ideas and GENUINE Freedoms like Civil Liberties.

The so-called “Freedom Cities” are among the MOST aggressive when it comes to their assault on Civil Liberties and Privacy. San Francisco is one of the leaders in American Mass Surveillance, They are leaders in destruction of actual Guaranteed Freedoms. Choosing to simply ignore Constitutional Freedoms while convincing themselves they are fighting for ‘diversity’. Nothing could be further from the truth.

The New Left is on the brink of Fascism.

“You’re Either With Us, Or You’re Against Us!”

Welcome to the Velvet Glove Cast In Iron. Welcome to “Friendly Fascism”!

Welcome to the “Right To Be Free, But Only How WE DEFINE IT!”

The ACLU has a good game plan. Now it will take ordinary American citizens to pull it off. If Trump keeps cranking out one threatening action after another the motivation will be there to keep going and succeed in stopping the worst Trump can dish out.