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Across Canada and World, Climate Movement Prepares to Leap into 2016



Looking at the Twitter feed, the Canadian petroleum-funded anti-science group oxymoronically named "Friends of Science" is still promoting denialism, in 2016. Astonishing that anyone can still make such claims with a straight face, even if they earn billions from extractivism.


The Leap Manifesto is too long and comes up short. It can't demand absolute economic justice for all, and the relative "more equitable economy" and "fairer more humane society". If we are going to fix humanity we can't stop short of absolute economic equality. We can only achieve equality by razing the vertical economy. "We must raze the vertical economy" is the only demand Leapers need to make. The 15 would follow.


Are the folks "preparing to leap into 2016" aware of Trudeau's zealous support for Obama's TPP, TTIP and TISA ?

They better fight those "trade deals" first or whatever environmental accomplishments they think they are making will be trumped by the corporate tribunals.


Awesome, conflict of interest resign. Did you hear that Hillary?