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Across Europe, Tens of Thousands Rally to Welcome Refugees


Across Europe, Tens of Thousands Rally to Welcome Refugees

Lauren McCauley, staff writer

Tens of thousands of Europeans took to streets in London and elsewhere across the continent Saturday in a massive demonstration of support and solidarity for those seeking refuge from the war and violence in the Middle East.

The day of action was called to welcome the refugees, and send a signal to leaders worldwide who have either turned their back or or reluctantly agreed to house a small portion of the migrants.


BDSUS! By all means, but don't forget the rest of the evil Axis, run and supported by the US Fourth Reich.
* BDS them all and recognize them as the global pariahs they are.
* Perhaps, if we hit them in the pocketbook, the only place they can feel pain, they might be brought to heel. BDS is working in Israel and they are now crying for protection by the US Reich.
* Broaden it out and hammer all of the war criminals and war mongers!


If America wants to prevent another Holocaust, it seems that the best way to help would be to let in these refugees. Instead, the neocons would rather deem a certain leader to be today's Hitler than actually help victims of racist, nationalist violence. But instead of looking at history to avoid repeating it, those in power would callously repeat the MS St. Louis incident.


Meanwhile, in America (March 2015)


Nice sentiments, but years from now Europeans will realize that they have set the stage for massive social disruption by accepting so many immigrants. If they were smart, European leaders would put the migrants on cruise ships and return them to Saudi Arabia, Iran. the UAE and other Mideastern nations. Of course, the U.S. and Europe caused this mass migration with their stupid, interventionist policies in the Mideast and now it's coming back to bite us. And 20 years from now many of those Muslims will be full of resentment and determined to build mosques in every European -- and perhaps American -- city and neighborhood, whether the current residents like it or not. The pattern is already very evident in larger European and U.S. cities. Not that Islam is any worse than any other religion, but all religions are toxic and the spread of that mindset should be discouraged.


If a Mosque in my neighborhood is the price I have to pay for some decent falafel then bring on the construction crew yesterday.


CDs does sometimes sound like an agenda-driven site.
There is another side to this story...


Very good point. Refugees bring their own prosperity with them. refugees - if given the opportunity, as opposed to locked up - will usually outdo the natives. The reason is simple, they're downtrodden so will try harder. They are at least as intelligent as the natives, and usually more resourceful. So the wealth they create means they pay for themselves as well as contribute to the natives economy.


Doesn't that absolve the local predators of responsibility, though?

Syria under Asad, like Iraq under Hussein, was a stable, predictable place where most Syrians enjoyed living despite it being a virtual-monarchy dictatorship.

But the opportunists, masquerading as another "Arab Spring" uprising, have turned it into a hell-hole. The US might be funding them (or funding someone), but it didn't invent them. They were already there, waiting for the opportunity. Surely they deserve most of the "credit" for what's happened?


I have said that from the beginning of the crisis.

All I hear is talk about the responsibility of Europe.
All those marches welcoming the refugees is one thing, but what about marches in the millions against all the wars and meddling of the West to begin with? If the root cause is not addressed and the wars continue we will see refugees flooding the European countries with hatred and revenge for the West.


Middle Easterners have told me that the Syrians are considered the finest cooks in all of the area. Looks like more than falafel is likely to enhance your dinner plate should you be lucky enough to get some refugees to move to your neighborhood. And many of those good cooks will not necessarily be Muslim so you may find some Orthodox spires accompanying your hummus and kibee. Syrian bread is the best I have ever had. Say, wait a minute! I am kind of getting a new sense of what's behind all this war business.
(For those who might think I am not taking this tragedy seriously, I have found that when one's government has fallen off the cliff of civilized and humane behavior, sometimes all you can do is laugh so as to keep your sanity.)


Thanks for taking my comment as intended as I was afraid someone may think I was making light of the topic, rather than trying to make a point against the ugly message I was responding to.

On the point of Syrian falafel. I've yet to find any according to my taste buds that rivals the falafel prepared by a Syrian family at the Falafel House in Santa Cruz CA. I lived in the Santa Cruz mountains at the time and would drive into Santa Cruz often and that was one of my favorite treats. Now in San Diego sometimes I still fantasize about making the drive to get that falafel. They are still there by the way and you can check out their website!


I am glad to see the CD writer and the demonstrators in the photos calling these unfortunate people "refugees," which is the correct term, rather than "migrants," which has been the lying MSM's term and which mischaracterizes the nature of why they left their countries of origin, depoliticizing and decontextualizing the cause and making it seem as if they're fleeing out of choice "for a better life in the West" and not simply out of dire necessity.