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Across the Globe, Over 250,000 People #RiseforClimate


Across the Globe, Over 250,000 People #RiseforClimate

Andy Rowell

Across the globe, over 250,000 people took part in what was labelled as #RiseforClimate marches, protests and celebrations on 7 continents on Saturday. There were nearly 1,000 events in more than 90 countries.

The day of action kicked off with the sun rising over the Pacific islands, with activists across the region holding up small “kikonang” coconut leaf windmills as a symbol on the need to transition to renewable energy as soon as possible.


If there was to be any hope to be found here, that 250,000 would have been 50 million.


With was not on the scale of the People’s Climate March in NYC several years ago but it was a pretty good turnout. The march I attended in a suburb had about three to four hundred people and was a good turnout considering the limited publicity. Ultimately activism has to translate into votes to be meaningful. Climate change still is not a major election issue in the US despite the threat it represents. It is a unique issue. The effects will be catastrophic but the majority of voters will no longer will be alive when the worst effect occur. People are being asked to take action that will mainly benefit those who follow them. And these voters have been subjected to decades of advertising to convince them to fulfill their own pleasures and not worry about all the possible consequences. Narcissism has been elevated to the highest value. Perhaps the most narcissistic person known has been elected president. It’s buy, buy, buy, shop, shop, shop. And these are people being asked to worry about the fate of future generations. Unless climate change can be made a top priority issue at election time the chance of sufficient action look very slim.


250,000 people out of over 7,600,000,000? That comes out to .0032% of us.

I sure am glad I kicked my hopium addiction.