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Across the US, Activists Shine Light On Sandra Bland's Mysterious Death


Across the US, Activists Shine Light On Sandra Bland's Mysterious Death

Ashoka Jegroo

In cities across the United States on July 29, the name of Sandra Bland, a woman whose mysterious death in police custody recently made headlines, could be seen bringing light to dark city nights.


Sandra Bland’s death was not mysterious at all. She was murdered one way or another while in police custody for a minor traffic infraction!


“Whether she was murdered or whether she committed suicide, they are absolutely responsible for what happened to her.” I think the folks pursuing justice for Sandra Bland and a beginning of real justice in the USA for people of color are correct and wise to clearly not make any assumptions about what is not known in Bland’s death, whether it was murder, homicide of some kind, or suicide. Many, many questions need to be answered, as they rightly assert. But the fact remains that the “authorities,” the “peace officers” tasked to do the work of the people, to serve and protect the people, did not serve nor protect Sandra, and instead presided over her killing, after illegally abusing, violently assaulting, fraudulently charging, and negligently and unjustly imprisoning her.


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Plus the minor traffic infraction was cop-induced.


I find it wholly reprehensible that a young woman was pulled over and MURDERED for something everyone of us does every time we drive our car! This country should be bombed off the planet for the crimes we commit daily!


The crimes WE commit? Why do you conflate what officers in uniform do with how peaceful citizens behave? That sort of blurring of the lines is done on purpose to turn what specific individuals do under the cover of law into some generic indictment of all persons. It’s bull-shit!


The German people are held responsible for Hitler’s regime. Dresden was fire bombed for it. So yes, we all have a level of responsibility for Sandra’s murder. The level is proportionate to how close we are to the scene and the jurisdiction and people involved.


Good point!


“… we all have a level of responsibility for Sandra’s murder. The level is proportionate to how close we are to the scene and the jurisdiction and people involved.”

i’d frame it more like:

White supremacy is a systemic malady.

All of us inside the USA need to account for and dismantle the legacy of the “founding economy” of this country, which was based on genocidal expropriation and enslavement.

Permutations of that monstrous founding reverberate through every institution in society.

White supremacist social institutions confer whiteness on white people. White people are particularly accountable for dismantling white supremacy and transforming white supremacist institutions.

And “we” have manifestly NOT done what we are called by justice to do.


Millions of “peaceful citizens” get privileges including wealth, status, and opportunity because the system decrees that they are white.

What should white people do about systemic white supremacy?


Oh shut up! Once again you fly into an incoherent rage whenever the pronoun “we” is used. Something tells me that you resent people using “we” because it implies that you share responsibility. Imagine that! The high and mighty Sioux Rose sharing the same moral and social responsibilities with the lowly peons she ironically claims to speak for!

Isn’t that funny guys? No one but Sioux Rose can speak for everyone! Don’t tell this privileged white woman, who makes a cozy living from her astrology business no less, that she has any responsibility, whether individual or social! It actually makes me wonder if Sioux does any activism or volunteering. You won’t like reading this Sioux, but your verbal and emotional abuse of random strangers on Common Dreams doesn’t count as either.

Grow up and get your head checked!


i’d like to see Susan try to answer my most recent question to her:

What should white people do about systemic white supremacy?


i’m reminded of the title of Ruth Frankenberg’s classic book:

White Women, Race Matters: The Social Construction of Whiteness


Perhaps there is no grand solution but rather small specific solutions.
In Britain unarmed cops disarmed a knife waving white man. In the U.S. they would have shot him dead without blinking.
Solution: disarm cops. That would have saved Michael Brown and Tamir Rice., but not Sandra.
Ban from the police people with hate group philosophies. But that would not have saved Sandra. The sheriff is an openly violent racist.

Put them in white knee length uniforms. They might be less inclined to want to brawl. Not wanting to get their whites dirty. That might have saved Sandra.


She was originally stopped for failure to signal a lane-change, and yes, there isn’t a driver in this country that hasn’t done that more than once!


Bit of a back story here. Ms. Bland was not just a citizen and patriot. She was on the streets, expanding democracy, a necessary participation for all of us. So, the question that seems staring at us is, why did the cop pull her over? He certainly did not know or recognize Ms. Bland, but he did know her car license plate number. Now the DHS did admit they were “monitoring” those activists in the “Black People Matter” “movement”. There must have been a list on the computer in the cop’s car. Pretty suspicious. Can you understand that if the King had the ability to “monitor” our friends like Ben Franklin, John Adams, George Washington and all those shady characters in 1775, we would all be singing “God Save the King” rather than “My Country Tis of Thee” today. The most likely scenario is that Ms. Bland was on the wrong list, the trouble maker list. The list of Patriots.


Hey there Oliver, you sound exacerbated. SR really does become very annoying at times, doesn’t she?

She must have a great deal of time on her hands to produce so much commotion, noise, and fury on this site. Notice my allusion to The Bard. One of her most annoying traits along with her aversion to the word “WE” is that she very rarely attributes any of her pontificating to others.

I actually think she may have been planted here by CD to keep our interest and serve for entertainment. Is she a loner or a plant?