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'Act as if You Loved Your Children Above All Else': Greta Thunberg Demands Davos Elite Immediately Halt All Fossil Fuel Investments

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/01/21/act-if-you-loved-your-children-above-all-else-greta-thunberg-demands-davos-elite


From the article:
"But then, she said, these same leaders do nothing and instead of the progress or action there is “silence” from government and business.

“Or something worse than silence,” she continued, “empty words and promise that give the impression that sufficient action is being taken.”

A question: How is it that this teenager gets to speak at Davos, annual party of the capitalist class - those responsible for our cliimate predicament??? There were any number of teenagers who risked life and limb as water protectors, but they have not been elevated to Thunberg’s status. Davos embraces Greta to neutralize her.


We are in an era of utter linguistic failure. “ELITE” ?? Really? This is a term that persists like an infected cyst, with the attendant voids of nutrient, circulation, integrated function - the analogy is very nearly perfect. Violence / violations - based “Effete” is the contextually appropriate term IMHO.

Elite? - Ahhhh, darling, aspire [ if of course you can do so while aspirating mass devoid of value, which has already been extracted and exploited by the effete].

People are still in awe of “Ivy” leagues. Doth John Doe forget that ivy is an invasive species? A parasite of simplistic form? Methinks there be a message therein … Odd to think that the “elite” scorn “community” colleges. You simply cannot make this $#!t up.


Those that act as the elite in energy are confusing. They have had enough time to chew on alternative investments, and divestments, and according to Greta are making little positive change.
The elite play the same part as always, the “power elite.”
Elite when stealing Native’s lands, when using Africans as slaves, and more recently capitalist games in energy.
Our population isn’t aware enough, or willing to take up the fight for survival.
Do the elite have an alternative plan that they are waiting on?
Waiting, while they suck every nickel from the consumers before bringing on line our new power source? Or are we all surrendering to the slow cooking frog in the pot?


This is part of a larger strategy of co-opting youth activists.


It’s not all that different than the mainstream Democratic position of acknowledging the climate crisis, but proposing wholly inadequate policy, and delivering even less. It’s just a modified tactic of denial and delay.

And of course the spotlight is on mostly white kids from the Global North. Youth activists are extremely savvy about this stuff, though. They (Thunberg included) understand racism and intersectionalism a lot better than older generations did.


Classic Greta - it makes me smile ~ a powerful lift this morning !

Nice post @theoldgoat re ‘elite’ 'nomenclature.

They haven’t ‘earned’ that title - save at the root of all evil.


How many people attending Davos do you think are: sociopaths, psychopaths, malignant narcissists or a combination?

You are never going to get to these people to operate on a feeling level that requires compassion, empathy, love, truth and wisdom.

Those in attendance are “business leaders, politicians and "stakeholders”.
The word “stakeholder” speaks volumes.

These people do, at times, “act” as if they love their children. And it is just that: an act.

Narcissists, sociopaths and psychopaths can feign love it if serves their interests.

They must be removed. The system must be brought down. If wise, compassionate humans don’t bring it down, it willl be brought down by catastrophic human induced climate change and biosphere collapse.


For me, it conjures a vision of myself as Professor Van Helsing, standing over the sleeping form of Capitalism as Jonathan Harker raises the mallet over his head…


Lol! What an image!
I loved Coppola’s 1992 version of Dracula
Singer/Songwriter John Grant has a wonderful (funny) song that references the film in his song, Sigourney Weaver.
The song is one that I can relate to these days---- he sings about feeling like we are living the the twilight zone.


Give credit where credit is due! Greta has been given an international microphone for her voice. She earned it because of her determination and guts. Quite a young woman and one can only smile to think of her in years to come. Do people at Davos listen to her? The answer is that before Greta, the views she expresses had no international microphone. Those views could be ignored by the powerful. Greta is heard by hundreds of millions and the leaders know it. They hear her and know that she speaks for millions but as yet they try to stall change because that is who they are. Their power comes from avoiding change but change is inexorable!

They may try to stall and deceive but Greta won’t be going away nor will the younger generation be going away that support her wholeheartedly. Greta speaks for them and the world listens.

Did you think greed would loosen its stranglehold voluntarily? Greta’s courage and intelligence is marvelous. God bless her because we need her. The world needs Greta…

… but those attending Davos don’t! Lol. Too bad for them… Greta stands for change and the people of the world stand with her.


These people worship money and power. They won’t do a damn thing. They would rather see their own children suffer and die than stop a single fracking operation.


Well said!
I am inspired by and deeply appreciative of the strengthening, widening, all encompassing bridge joining Greta/ younger people with Bernie Sander’s movement. Brings a whole new meaning to the decades old song “Bridge Over Troubled Waters”


I love the naivete’ of youth “Come on, you guys have had a whole year to solve the most complicated problem in human history! How hard can it be to reconfigure the entire world economy without causing revolutions, mass starvations and global war?Lets just everyone quit using any energy from fossil fuels (about 85% of the total).” As my teenage daughter said once, “If I was handling the money Dad, we could fly to Paris every year for vacation! Why not just charge it?”

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My understanding is that the process is pretty arbitrary - but I’m guessing that Al Gore being on their Board of Trustees might have played a role.

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Greta makes her appeal to the elites, when in all likelihood, in the United States, this appeal must be to the 95% who in every single election vote to allow the elites to do as they will.

I am beginning to believe that I will not in my lifetime see this voting block “act” like they love their children.


Yes it is naïve to expect those who possess wealth and power to give these things up willingly. They have never done so in the past when the world faced global wars, widespread famines and epidemics. They avert their gaze from poverty and suffering.

How much political protest was required to bring down the cost of anti-viral medicines in the treatment of HIV/AIDS? Did Big Pharma sacrifice the prospect of profits to help the sick out of the goodness of their hearts?

I have never seen the armament industry CEOs out on the streets protesting against war. Where are the pacifist weapon manufacturers and investors willing to turn swords into plowshares?

When have the giant food corporations emptied their warehouses to feed the hungry?

As Upton Sinclair said, “It is difficult to get a man to understand something when his salary depends upon his not understanding it.”

Greta appeals to the better nature of a class that are mere functionaries of capital itself. They serve Mammon and will sacrifice even their own children lives. That is the hard brutal truth that I am afraid Greta fails to see even though she can recognise the lies and deceit of those in authority.

You do not need the capitalist. He could not exist one second without you. You would begin to live without him. You DO everything. Some of you imagine that if it was not for the capitalist you would have no work. Really he does not employ you at all. You employ him to take from you what you produce, and he sticks faithfully to his job. If you can stand it – he can – and if you don’t change it – he won’t." - Eugene Debs


We must forget about ‘net zero.’ We need real zero.

I pumped my fist in the air and shouted YES GODDAMMIT! when I heard Greta say this on my radio this morning. It’s about time someone in front of a microphone said that. Maybe some of the people allowing her to appear are attempting to co-opt Greta, but her voice doesn’t seem very co-optable.


I was coming home from a local university where I posted on this thread above - and decided to make a comment similar to the one you have.

So - congrats on your post.

I think this - Trump and company (read Davos) do not really understand the science ~

And youth and many progressives do not really understand the way the world works.

I suggest the way forward is to meet in the middle.

Somehow a transformation must happen - without collapsing every pension fund on the planet, etc, and it is a big etcetera…

A war footing may be close to the answer, but some critical mass of people on board must first be exceeded. As @Wereflea states, Greta has a very big microphone, and I do believe it is helping to achieve this critical mass of people on board, as the fate of Australia is helping - even St. John’s Newfoundland, on the ‘Rock’, will be wondering if their snow hurricane, the worst on record - is somehow not related to a climate spinning out of control, on the threshold of a new hotter state.

OK - maybe we’re not that far yet - but they are wondering at least what’s up ?

Personally, I think Big Oil must in some sense lead the charge to transition. Probably this will require government edict, which is not yet around the corner. And if they do - this is how they will pay us back, by getting on board, as quickly as possible.

This will happen - or we are in real trouble.

We have escaped a global pandemic so far - but that coronavirus is a harbinger.

In fact - there are harbingers everywhere you look if you have eyes to see.

Maybe that’s part of our job here ? @Garrett_Connelly, even if we are partly plastic these days ??

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We are still telling you to panic, and to act as if you loved your children above all else."

Greta nails it again!


“Power concedes nothing wthout a struggle–it never has, and it never will.”
–Frederick Douglass