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Act Urgently Now, David Attenborough Declares, Because 'Collapse of Our Civilizations and Extinction of Much of the Natural World on the Horizon'


Act Urgently Now, David Attenborough Declares, Because 'Collapse of Our Civilizations and Extinction of Much of the Natural World on the Horizon'

Jon Queally, staff writer

The message from 'The People's Seat' at the United Nation's COP24 climate summit in Katowice, Poland on Monday—presented by the octogenarian British naturalist Sir David Attenborough—was as succinct and simple as it was profound and terrifying: "If we don't take action, the collapse of our civilizations and the extinction of much of the natural world is on the horizon."


Three additional children are born every second on this finite planet.

That means humans need three additional JOBS per second for everyone to be employed.

You can not vote in resources. You can not vote to change the rules of habitat.

Habitat overshoot is a thing.

There is however something you can do.


…the planet groans every time it registers another birth…


I think that you’re doing the right thing by framing your viewpoint in terms of habitat loss rather than carbon footprint (although drastically curbing emissions immediately is vitally important, if a pipe dream)…

I’m deeply concerned that ‘solutions’ like the New Green Deal, which posit that economic growth into the future is a major goal/benefit of converting from fossil fuels, miss the point: humans push everything out of their way to provide for themselves, and by push out of the way, I mean destroy. There is no economic growth that is compatible with sustainability. If you give people better jobs and higher pay, they buy more shit.

On that score, Attenborough is way too late,


Yeah, that’s the problem right there. And it’s just human nature. We like to buy new stuff.

Also who knows what is too much anymore?

I just had a small conversation in Wal Mart with a woman who was trying to find crackers. She said, “There are just too many choices of crackers.” Then we both looked around and I said, “There are too many choices of everything, and much of this stuff is just insane.”

But who decides? I looked at these Christmas tree ornaments that were shaped like butterflies. There were a few hundred of them. And they were pretty and all glittery. First I thought, okay who made this? And second I thought, do we really need glittery butterfly ornaments?

Apparently we do. Otherwise they wouldn’t be there. But at this point, who decides what stays and what goes? Because very soon habitat will decide for us.

Watch this video from National Geographic.


[quote=“SkepticTank, post:4, topic:58101”]
“There is no economic growth that is compatible with sustainability. If you give people better jobs and higher pay, they buy more shit.”

Oh man Skeptic Tank, you are right and …were all doomed. Creative Green Thinking


For sure, trying to sell any version of a Green Deal with economic growth is either a fool’s errand or a downright fraud. It’s yet another version of the the solving the problem with a technological fix myth. The only economic/political system that is compatible with slowing climate change and more extinctions is sustainability. And that is precisely the problem embedded in the Attenborough statement:

“The people have spoken,” Attenborough concluded. “Leaders of the world, you must lead. The continuation of civilization and the natural world on which we depend, is in your hands.”

The world leaders are all deeply and exclusively committed to an economic system of growth, not sustainability. Thus, we get another round of “talks” that can’t get beyond voluntary, non-binding, agreements to the point where these talks are now featuring fossil fuel sponsors. 24 years of climate talks and the situation is worse than the previous year’s talks.


The terrible irony is that we already have the means, i.e. the technology and the willingness of the public to use it, to ameliorate catastrophic climate change. However the reins of political and corporate power remain in the hands of vested interest (and profits) in continuing widespread fossil fuel use. We can, we could but as of yet we don’t!
Most likely we will wait until the effects of climate change become so dire that even the most fanatical denier of climate change will be unable to ignore the obvious. At that point (most likely) our civilization will retrograde towards the medieval but with cell phones. In effect we will see huge numbers of people starving, subject to pandemics, forced to drink contaminated or heavily treated (expensive) water, breathe bad air everywhere!!!
Humanity (and its parasites and vermin) can and will (most likely) survive practically anything.

What seems the obvious question concerning our surviving climate change is … whether we would actually want to!


Oh but wait why stop there? Medieval? Nope.

More like the planet could very well turn into Venus. Methane is much more destructive and is now in a loop cycle as the planet warms. More warmth, more methane, more warmth…

Water is already running out, but it could very well become poisoned by chemical spills from large storms, fires, etc. or from nuclear plants melting down. Also, microbes do not care. They will just move in, and that means diseases unheard of before.

I could go on, but the spiral leads to collapse, and if that happens then the ecology changes so drastically there are no cell phones, and certainly no society as advanced as Medieval Europe.

There are no reins. No one group or person controls this mess. Cities around the world all now use the same resources. We all wear the same clothes, drive the same cars, live in the same apartments, etc. and the world market is based on making more and more stuff so people can have kids and go shopping.

Habitat overshoot. Look it up. We are not the only species that does this.


The people have shown they are willing to make sacrifices? Perhaps it would be more accurate to say a small percentage of people have shown that they are willing to make sacrifices.


Watch that video from National Geographic I posted above. To me it’s so perfect. It represents the present conundrum of humanity precisely. Plastic flowers are so pretty yet so apocalyptic. A zillion ink pens! Sunflower seeds. Sunflower seeds. Sunflower seeds. Clocks!

Watch that video and then someone tell me, which plan changes this? How does it work? Tell me. Because I am baffled.


The scene with plastic dinosaur crawling near the crying toddler is cinematic gold. It reminded me of the ‘just one word’ scene from the movie, _The Graduate.

That word, of course, is ‘plastics.’


Nobody’s gonna do a thing about anything. The proverbial Can will be kicked again. Obla di- Obla da.


This is about political and economic power. The so called elite can destroy the future of humanity if they choose to do so.


Two words: too late.


It’s about time. Attenborough should have been speaking up forcefully long ago in the Planet Earth series. But then being negative isn’t good TV.


“who decides how much is too much”…Really?? “Do we need sparkly, butterfly Christmas tree ornaments? Well I guess we do or they wouldn’t be here” …??? Really??? If you do not understand that these question are rather ridiculous, then…you do not understand the problem at all…can you eat butterfly Christmas ornaments …???


Well, that was soul-chilling. All you aspiring zipper-song writers out there, how bout a rewrite of How Long Has This Been Going On… to How Long Can This Keep Going On.


How would appealing to corrupt leadership to “lead” us help us?

The people know the way and what must be done –

Otherwise we are all going to be wandering and waiting outside borders/fences looking
for water to drink, rest rooms, and shelter.


Some days CD is a cup with a slow leak. And no matter if some one or someones were to pour optimism into it , it would always register “half empty.”
Perhaps on the brighter side, kids reading history books a hundred years from now will be discussing 2020. When just two years before people were in panic mode about the survival of our planet earth. Little did they know of the climate saving inventions and innovations to be put in place to save the planet just a couple of years later. Optimism.